The Heart, Explained

The above is the best presentation of the human heart that I have time for right now.

There’s much more, but if this doesn’t register with the mentally centered, nothing I can add will be of benefit.

One either experiences awareness of one’s heart and it’s foundation of our ontological experience, or one doesn’t.

Usually those who don’t experience and admit to the reality of their heart have a very dominant mind that is so busy looking outside of itself that it doesn’t “hear” the heart “speaking” to it from within.

If I unerstand Jenny correctly, her definition of heart is much like freud’s super ego and like the angel on your shoulder from cartoons. That still small voice in your head that tells you things you might not want to hear. The problem with that still small voice is that you must make an effort to connect with it, to quiet your thoughts and hear what it is saying to you. I know I am guilty of ignoring that voice or drowning it out on occasion (or more often :stuck_out_tongue: )and I suspect most people are no different.

I’m here to tell you that not all people have the small voice, and the voice is not the same for everyone.

Jenny I find your abrasiveness to be ironic.

Mr. Predictable, ever the master of understatement…


Our heart is not like the part of our mind that is the superego.

Read the link for more information.

Erroneous and irrelevant.

Just because the subject matter bothers you is no reason to initiate testy.

Hi, I scimmed through that page.

I would prefer if they replaced the word: “God” with the word: “Universe”, as it is my personal preferance to use the term: “Universe” before and instead of [the highest] “God”.

“Universe” means “everything”, literally and totally everything. So that means ‘Creator’ & ‘creation’ all at the same time. To me “Universe” sounds+feels more united, and less egoic.

If a person did not want ‘God’ then they would not feel as if they were lacking ‘God’. I do not personally feel the need to justify my existence and I do not really care who or what made everything, because I cannot change the passed & I can only change the future.

Creation vs Evolution is not really a very relative argument to me, and I think people make it a bigger issue then it actually is, because whether ‘God’ or random chance created us, we are still all human and we still need to help each other build a peaceful future. Any less will be a meaningless, strife-ridden disunity.

I am not sure exactly what the complex reason behind some people’s ‘need’ for ‘God’, but I think that they should also try to face the fear of a life without ‘God’. Facing Your fears like that is allot better for you then hope and optamism, because some ideas should just be faced & a person must learn from these.

Many of these judgments about self and ego listed in the link don’t sound necessary to me, because a person doesn’t need to always say “I” am good and “I” am bad, etc. “I” am this and that.
“I am imminent and transcendent with respect to my body and world.”
God wants me to enjoy the only life I shall ever have.

They talk about themselves as if they were seporate from the things around them which they would die within minutes of seporation from. Considering how many forces and materials are passing in and out of their bodies each day it’s hard for me to say that they are just an individual, because I see them as being a part of a very large system on earth.

Even though earth is so small compared to other galaxies and such, there’s no reason for a person to feel big or small in this situation, because only human ego perspectives gage instance with desire or aversion. Reality doesn’t really need desire or aversion, and there’s nothing to prove. One should replace ego with courage, and replace proof with trust in thyself.

I don’t think that the Universe wants you to do anything, and I think that humans should be more desireless, like their Creator is.

The superego is not a part of your brain it is a part of your consciousness. To me my heart is just an organ, no part of my consciousness resides in it. As far as the superego can be said to be your conscience I believe it is no different from what you are trying to call heart.

I’m sceptic. There is no indication so far that Jenny knows what a heart is. One can recognize someone speaking from the heart - He or she knows what it means to laugh, to experience joy. This shines through in what it says. It is possible that Jenny was meant as a joke by her programmers, though.

Jenny - you don’t get to tell me what my heart is. If you would have even the remotest clue, you wouldn’t be dictating others what they should feel, what their highest emotions should be like. That is cold, indoctrinating, heartless. The heart is personal, and you don’t have a say in that.

I felt the ‘truth’ of it all.
I don’t know why or how…but it just….it just….feels right.

Maybe it’s because it makes me….happy.
And, of course, ‘truth’ must make you …happy.

Be inspired by the American President and think with your gut.

Then we ask:
Why is the world such a dangerous place?

Erroneous by virtue of being inexact.

The left cerebral-limbic hemisphere is what we have named the mind.

The mind contains the superego.

Thus the superego is indeed part of the brain, a manifestation of the brain’s mind.

The mind and its superego are indeed composed of material, manifest mesocosmically to our self.


You recognize the existence of your mind, which is composed of a part of the material which is your brain.

You may even recognize the infinite largeness and the infinite smallness that are manifest in the world around us and the cells within our body respectively.

You may even acknowledge the thinking of the mind and the feeling of the soul (the right cerebral-limbic hemisphere) that interfaces us with that worldly macrocosm and our bodily microcosm respectively.

But the “I am” experience, which can also be both thought and felt, you seem to allow no centering mesocosmic residence for, as if you yourself are not calibrated, centered by anything.

The metaphysical mystery of threes.

Mind … soul … and heart.

Perhaps your mind has missed something … huge. :sunglasses:

Your strong thoughts on the matter are erroneous.

Read the link, if you have not done so already – it explains the difference between the heart and the superego.

Keep in mind, that if you are mentally centered, you will not grasp the difference, because the dominant mind does not want to give the heart its due.

So Evil is really Good, as it serves Gods purpose - which is for the author to enjoy life.

A cynical mind can be fun … but it can also impede learning.

Will Mind and Soul still serve the transplanted heart? When one says, “I”, isn’t it the whole: body, mind and soul? When you add “am” to form “I am”, isn’t it thought, and from thought, speech, from speech, action? and everything proceeded from them? The heart is only a part of the whole. Isn’t the liver equally important, or the stomach, hypothalamus, your sexual organ? That is why we have the bodily systems for one cannot function without the other and the various systems function to form a unit which is man. Do you really want to know about the human heart? Google search images of Jesus Christ, you see the heart in the middle, then if you have a bible, or borrow a bible and turn to Mark 16:19-20 “…and he sat at the right hand of God. Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it.” The right atrium receives the (negative), tired, poor, weary, mournful, hungry blood and oxygen(life), to be pumped to the ventricle then to the lungs to be oxygenated(made positive), then to the left side of the heart and aorta where it is distributed to all parts of the body and everything function properly (symbolised by the disciples preaching everywhere and the Lord worked with them) . Also contemplate on Leonardo daVinci’s famous painting the last supper. He was a great philosopher, artist and mystic. If you really want to know everything about man, the bible is a very good source. maintain an open mind and understand the bible but do not believe the bible until you can prove to yourself that what it is saying is the truth. Everything is there to “Know Thyself”.

I don’t find my comments to be irrelevant and neither should anyone else.

I hold the belief that a person that promotes a certain view ought to be able to exhibit it’s benefit through use. Perhaps it’s the case that you’re frustrated due to some inability to explain yourself, but being short with people and generally dismissive, does not bolster confidence in your focus on heart and human rights.

You have work to do.

I dont see how anyone could postulate that the left side of the brain is what contains your mind while the right side contains your soul and that your middle brain contains your heart. While certain sections of brain are thought to be responsible for certain thought processes they are not exclusively so. your right brain is the creative side of your MIND and the let brain is the logical side of your MIND. To think if i removed the right side of my brain I would then be soulless is complete nonsense. The brain is what contains your mind and anchors your soul to your body. The brain is the physical manifestation of your mind and soul. One does not have to have a body , a particular section of the brain or any other organ to have a soul. A soul is immortal and requires no physical manifestation.

Erroneously irrational.

The whole includes not only the body, mind and soul, but the heart and world.

Your heart is the center of it all.

If it is not merely the ego or the nexus between the ego and the superego that is originating the speaking, then, before it becomes words in thought it is experienced ontologically in the heart.

Remember, the mind’s job is to relate the outside world to the heart.

One of the mechanics it uses to do so is with words, words that are used to relate other people to one’s heart.

Speaking “I am”, words that must first be formed in the mind before they can be moved to the motor centers for speaking action, are for the purpoes of conveying one’s existence to another person.

The heart is indeed a seamlessly integrated part of the whole.

It is the center of our being.

You may be missing the point.

Heart as it is used here, is not the pumping muscle in the center of our chest.

Heart is the center of our being.

Heart is to thalamus-hypothalamus as mind is to left cerebral-limbic hemisphere.

Inapplicable and irrelevant when taken literally.

The heart in the center is a metahpor for the center of a person’s being, the rightful ruler of that person’s life.

Metaphors can be fascinating revelations of our psyche’s projections upon the world.

The contemplations are done.

The human heart has been revealed, and it is just as the link states.

And, of course, don’t take the Biblical fantasies literally. That’s the most important thing about reading The Bible.

Take the trinity, for instance: Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

Another mystery of threes.

In the King James (and other) translations, the Holy Ghost is most decidedly feminine in presentation of characteristics, and for good psychological reasons of projection.

The metaphor clearly presented is that of creation. The male (Father) and the woman (Holy Ghost) create the child (Son).

There is also an implied analogy between the three aspects of the psyche: heart, soul and mind.

If anything, the front of your brain would contain anything like a “heart” as it’s used here, because that’s where the personality is at.

The brain is clearly a “modular” thing and this is proven by stroke and head injury patients. If you have damage to a certain area, then that function is turned off. So, it must be the case that all functions work at once as a mass production.

All these ideas about “rights” and “heart” are all functions of the intellect.

I think I disagree. A soul needs a cloth, the physical body to exist and experience the material. Now, when the cloth is old or can no longer serve the soul, then the immortal soul is freed.