The heros of anarchists and statists:

The difference?

Statists identify with their heros.

Anarchists are less prone to confusion.

Heroism and all sorts of theatrical dramatic social propaganda are tools of state. It is what keeps the state alive and the people in line by influencing minds.

Those that control the fictional scripted metanarrative control the world.

It is all about perception management my friend Pezer.

There is this anarchist graffity I’ve come across a couple of times recently, which says: “[neither] church nor state!” The last time I walked past it and noticed it, it was after I’d noticed an old church steeple, which distinguished itself from all the other buildings I saw by pointing to something considered sacred, and thereby itself becoming something considered sacred.

Where is the sense of the sacred in anarchism? What, if anything, does the anarchist consider sacred? And if anything, why does anarchism not adopt a name and slogans that reflect that? If anything, why don’t anarchists graffity “Z!” on state property instead of “[neither] X nor Y!”? Why doesn’t anarchism call itself Q-ism instead of a-P-ism?

You would try to make all Heroics seem like works of fiction wouldn’t you Joker? As long as it served your “non-cause”.

Statists aren’t the only people who use propaganda to further their own ends it seems. What do you fear Joker? The warriors of the State? They can be very frightening, and have defeated many a rebel.

Here is one of my Heros of the State

Cyrus the Great, Founder of the Persian Empire

For me nothing is sacred. I take pleasure in dismantling the sacred.

I suppose anarchists pride themselves in the concept of individual sovereignty however in a survival situation it would become necessary to deprive others of that.

I have historical icons that I admire. Maybe you have heard of Billy the kid.

Bonnet gang, John Dillinger, Al Capone, Bonnie & Clyde, Charles Ponzi, Blackbeard, and ect.

I have a hero : Sanjuro[attachment=0]SanjuroPoster.jpg[/attachment]

I will raise your Sanjuro with Daisuke.

Heroism only serves the state’s moral and ethical socio propaganda or engineering.

Have the slaves indulge in it and they will conform to the works of fiction.

Fear of warriors of state? Do not make me laugh.

The history of rebel warriors is a long and terrifying one.

‘Yojimbo’ (1961)

And what would you do if all the sacred had been dismantled?

Exactly. Anarchy would just be the beginning of a new cycle.

Simple: anarchism is not a “yes,” it is a “no.” Anarchy is not the end of the new, but the end of the old, and thus beginning of the new. If you put a gun to an anarchist’s head and told him to graffity something that said “yes,” It would probably be a scene of a young Lion slaying the Master Lion and his offspring. Yes! Yes to the replacement of this decadence, and yes to the new frontiers.

What new frontiers?

Ah! now you, too, are an anarchist.

I see, you had already reached the conclusion yourself.

If all the sacred was dismantled I would indulge and dance everywhere to my heart’s content.

New cycle? I like to look at it as everything restarting to zero in giving individuals like me independent unconstrained reign to do whatever.

And what would constrain others from depriving you of that? Would they not have to believe that your dancing etc. was somehow sacred?

But in order to desire that, must one not either conceive of the new cycle as somehow better than the old, or of change as in any case better than preservation?

All that is needed is to concieve of the potential in one’s self, compared to what has been achieved.

Nothing. Once their petty fictional morals, ethics, and authority declines into collapse my instincts will be acted upon unimpeded for you see I have no silly little authoritative religion or false conscious limiting my actions.

The only reason why I have not done anything yet is because of their strength in numbers. One against many is not great odds.

Remove their dying authority and watch their numbers become disorganized giving fellows like me independent reign of hunting along with sport.

This is why entropy, decline, and stagnation are my best allies.

i have no heros