The Hobo

It’s not illegal to be homeless it’s just that you can’t be homeless here.

Where can I be homeless at? Nowhere sir. We have various statutes in place against public loitering and there is no open land which you can be homeless at without walking at some point on another’s property line.

I thought you said it’s not illegal to be homeless. The interpretations of laws work funny like that.

Now if you will so kindly sir come with us so that we can take you to a homeless relocation center that we have available we will be most appreciative for your cooperation.

There’s very few public restrooms even, which really sucks. McDonald’s is one of the only options. I’m not being funny, I appreciate your post. Homelessness is essentially against the law, which is a really sad reflection on our culture.

I’m glad you took notice in that specific way because that was my intention in making this thread. :slight_smile:

I once slept on a bench in new orleans on halloween. It wasn’t that bad. Homeless people need to stop bitching. You moved out so you could experience things, not you don’t like the things you’re experiencing and you want to have a place to sleep in peace. It’s like they want to have their cake and eat it too. I feel sorry for all the folks paying rent who only wish for that kind of freedom. And this hobo doesn’t wanna pay rent, but he still wants a place to sleep. Seems to me like he needs to man up and handle his shit.


Yet many don’t choose their homelessness. Are you being serious or is your post meant as a parody of some sort?

Manning up and handling your shit get’s you arrested.

Anyhow, my reasoning in creating this thread was to show how being homeless is considered illegal or as a form of lawlessness even though it may be carried out indirectly.

In many cases being homeless is equal to trespassing.

Went to a homeless shelter a couple of days ago which caused me to be on the move again as of late. :sunglasses:

I went there asking what they could do for me? They said that they could offer me a place of residence for thirty days.

I then asked what happens after thirty days. They said that after thirty days I couldn’t stay there anymore.

I asked them what would happen if I couldn’t find a job in thirty days. They didn’t reply after that question.

So, let me get this straight if a person can’t get a job to a point where they are back on their feet under thirty days, your just going to kick them out telling that they’re just out of luck where they best go to the next shelter five hundred miles away? :-k #-o :angry:

It’s no wonder why so many homeless people either kill themselves or become criminals out of desperation.

Oh, but that’s right, I remember how prison labor within the United States has become a growing cheap way to go when it concerns having hired hands making all of this more diabolical than I care to really think about. 8-[

Search netflix for hobo. There’s a great special I watched last night about em. Dudes were living their whole lives on trains and shit. Great stuff. I was envious of them.

It is also illegal to sleep in ones car on a long road trip, which of course forces people to spend money on hotels and what not, which then prevents anyone who doesn’t have a lot of money from traveling. Which prevents people from getting more culturally educated, which prevents people from realizing silliness of local laws… all based on the justification that having people sleep in cars on the side of the road or having a homeless person on the street is “ugly”…Define ugly,…personally I think freedom is true beauty.

By the way how is loitering defined, is their a specific amount of time for which one can stay in a given location, if so why not simply git in the habit of getting up and moving every hour or so…if that is possible…couldn’t one abstract upon the law and say that if they twitched they are no longer in the same spot…likewise does one have to say they are homeless? likewise can’t anyone say they have a home in thinking that earth is their home? So as not to lie when saying they are not homeless (avoiding specifying what they mean of course). Plus if they are arrested they are but in jail where you get a free meal, and I don’t think they can keep you in jail for long, plus to do that would cost their precious money. (Odd thought if you could levitate would you be free from loitering?) Or if you take a string and attach it to one property and another string attach it to another and another, and hang from those strings, then which property are you in and for how long are you in that property to what degree? (what’s next? farting as an ‘obstruction to private air space’?) P.s. if your homeless by a fast food cup once, and reuse it there is no limit on refills. And even if there was they won’t always notice. (but get water not coke, unless you are low on sugars or glucose). Most trash is edible, if it hasn’t been too long, Americans through away a lot of edible food, eating food that has others ‘cuties’ on them can be healthy in regards to strengthening the immune system ( there is the chance of getting some things but the chance is about the same sitting in an air conditioned office watching TV) If Americans don’t want homeless people then they need to make conditions where they won’t choose to be such, or need to be such, and stop wasting so much food as it allows such… ultimately homelessness is a sign of insufficiency. if the ‘bottom feeders’ exist its because there is “waste” to feed off of. Hiding the waste is insane, and and wasteful of energy, and only exacerbates the problem. Actually says to avoid crap like this in the bible and even the Qur’an, in act the qur’an makes it mandatory to feed the homeless and be charitable, funny how people like to follow only the parts that serve them, I guess if it seems easier they think it must be the right thing…

If you have certain things one want s to do such as to influence the manner of things though there is need of course for those who are not homeless, in other words i’m not homeless though i have thought about it because I have seen things that i must do. But if there is little that one feels they can or should do then I would think it is noble to take it upon themselves not only to avoid being wasteful but consume the waste of others.

you got me stirred TJ…: not to mention there is the hitchhiker scare profounded by hitchhiker scary movies and over broadcast of those things which are rare… And now people are scared of homeless, and scared of hitchhikers, where people can learn form such people. And hitchhiking allowed more freedom of movement in a less wasteful manner of carpooling, and cultural broadening of experience and what not. not to mention even if someone does pull a gun on you unless their the very rare that only wants to kill you you’ll probably end up alright. one can drive around a 500 dollar car and who cares if it is lost or stolen, and then often they just need a ride to some place, typically the ones that pull a gun or knife are criminals that need a ride urgently…I mean do what is wise but my god people seem to be scared of the smallest chances and then don’t care about what “small” wastes add up to enough to feed whole countries. it isn’t merely ironic, it is insane. In the end though it may be that a homeless person will be more resistant to things and have stronger immune systems, if a plague ever hits, or something. I say give me the work and I’ll be the one to grow strong, if it is work worth doing.

Ok, I’ll explain this one:

You know what really keeps everyone waking up to go to the job they hate, to engage in the society that is spiritually, and now finacially backrupt, and transparently self-imploding? Fear, obviously. Fear of the hobo, perhaps not so obviously. That’s what it is though. That’s why these people are not given (more) like an area where they can go and be homeless – you gotta see those people. It’s intentional. Make no mistake about that. You gotta keep enduring this slavery, day in, and day out, pushing shit around because, hey, at least you’re not that guy on the street. That looks… well, lol, just a little bit worse than being in a suit giving a psychological blowjob because you, in that situation, also do not have a choice.

The system is designed to crush you. Every part of you, but especially your spirituality. The people on the streets are the visible friction. It sucks. I’m not one of those people who thinks they deserve to be there, and sometimes I give money. Even if it just for them to get high.

I’m reminded of this line from Trainspotting I’ll try and remember:

Mindless rambling:

The system is so complex but it’s pretty simple too. Unless you’re an inbred psychopath from a lineage that has always controlled things, you’re a slave. If you do something major they feel is detrimental to you they will either kill you, or if it’s kind of impressive, just leave you alone to be a genius but watch you closely. If you do something they like (like be born on a certain day, with a certain name) they’ll make you rich. Being rich, for many people, changes your values. Suddenly you feel you are better, and you don’t really care if a bunch of people die and you don’t cause hey, you’re rich and they are not. Even though, daily, people around the globe put in more work than many of us do in like a week, they should be the ones who get the short end of the stick cause hey, blah blah blah, some circular bullshit social Darwinist nonsense. That is the true purpose of money; that is why it’s called money is called the root of all evil, because it undermines the distinction between humanity as a majority from the .1 percentile of abnormalities we call psychopaths.

What’s really interesting is that the evolutionary traits which served the psychopath early in man’s history – the ones which allows them to coalesce power – don’t really work now unless exist the money they use as their control mechanism does. What has happened is that, coming out of the nomadic period of evolution and into society, the society which has been built is one that mirrors that previous nomadic period. And this makes perfect sense, as society is built around empathy, when you really look at (how successful communities operate) it, and the psychopath has no empathy. So they intentionally, or perhaps unintentionally/unconsciously, in this way at least, erected a world which mirrors the only atmosphere in which they can excel: one devoid of empathy.

That’s why Social Darwinism is so laughable. It’s like saying ‘hey, I can excel at playing monopoly, but you have to let me be the banker, own everything, and and be able to print money from thin air.’ The psychopath would argue ‘well, hey, I tricked you into that arrangement, so I’m better than you’ – and I mean let’s give credit where credit is due: some of these guys in question are brilliant - but if I can be born into some genetic lottery, go through all their brainwashing and stuff, and then in a couple of years of just reading the same books that public schools deliberately don’t have (the ones they give to their kids) be at the point that I could do it better than they can, then what does it tell you about these lifelong pursuits these geezers have to enslave everyone, and blah blah blah, you thought of all this a thousand years ago. It’s self evident that the slaves are the genetic future, and the psychopaths were the evolutionary bridge that allowed us to not blow ourselves up. I mean just look at the Royalty/Appointed World leaders: they visibly look like demonic creatures.

If there was some sort of species olympics where you performed standardized tests I bet you the average person who isn’t caught in the fat blob/I’m totally brainwashed category would, overall, do better than an inbred person who went to the special schools and a yacht club, and shit. I mean, it only makes sense. If you’re aware, living in this world it’s like mental exercise all the time. Unrelenting. If I lived their lifestyle of no GMO foods, no flouride water, etc, I wouldn’t just be a nice looking, well-rounded person who can speak a couple languages. I would fucking levitate, and shoot fireballs. OK? It would be no question. I’m awesome already. If I had that advantage it would literally be ridiculous. Say it was different and I worked for them the general public would get seriously fucked. I’m talking some diabolical shit. I’m good at this game; be lucky I’m on your side.

i would think that the most interfunctional society would have the most empathy, as such would allow better working togetherness.

Well Gobbo, I do agree with you that there is somthing diabolical about this world which has been constructed that we all live in but I’m slow to define what it is definitely.

There is somthing about human beings in the events of constant unfolding history that brings up for me only images of madness.

In the last eight years I have expirienced much what would make your average person already slip into mental unconscious or a coma for the sheer mental stress and suffering involved. Yet somehow I persevere and survive.

I have seen alot and in many cases I always feel the presence that somebody somewhere is pulling the puppet strings everywhere from some hidden back stage.

Try doing that again at a much higher latitude. I guess all those homeless Canadians just aren’t man enough to walk/hitchhike to New Orleans, right?
You think because you did something once you know what weeks/months/years of it is like?

Yes, there is an irony that both the homeless and those with homes don’t want to pay rent so they can be more free - and it’s the homeless who have this wish granted. But being homeless is not pure freedom - it cuts you off from all sorts. The actual realisation of this (which you call having your cake and eating it) is actually a simple transition to a differently structured economy. But thinking like that would just be the idealistic dreamer in us, I suppose…

It’s not so much fear of the hobo, as fear of what the hobo entails.

Primarily the social exclusion, but also the difficulties they face such as the lack of reliable private property with all its comforts. Further, there is the fear of the associated lack of monetary freedoms, due to being removed from “the machine” that affords such freedoms.

Basically it boils down to a fear of leaving a life of decadence where social matters are the bottom of the Maslow hierarchy of needs since the actual bottom two layers are just taken for granted. Social matters rely on doing what everyone else is doing, which is also clinging to decadence - therein lies power: in achieving what everyone so obviously really wants since that’s what they all seem to be striving for.

I really don’t know where y’all are coming from, but a homeless person is not a hobo. Nor does a homeless person necessarily want to be free of responsibilities. Some may–as a form of protest against whatever it is they want to protest–(they often show up in ‘tent cities’ that go from place to place and make very little seeming effort to change their way of living,) but some of the homeless are the mentally ill who have no place to go, since government closures of hospitals for the mentally ill left them no place to go. Mental illness is what frightens people. Drug abuse can also lead to homelessness–and that also frightens people.

Or does OG mean that people are ‘frightened’ of being left homeless and will do whatever they can to stay away from being homeless?

Hoboing started after the War Between the States and reached its peak in the 1930s. It meant moving around the country by ‘hopping’ railroad freight cars in order to get to another location to find work. Hobos developed their own language, much of which has become American idiom, and their own moral code, which you can find here:

Ah, I confess - I did not know the ins and outs of (homeless?) terminology.

The hobo: voluntarily works, travels
The tramp: only involuntarily works
The bum: does not work

I suppose the tramp and bum aren’t necessarily homeless, nor travellers - it doesn’t say. And I suppose a hobo could be homed in a moving home like a “tent city”. Thanks liz.

Everything has it’s pluses and minuses, no way of life is really better than another, it’s all contextual. I’ve contemplated living homeless a couple of times, I’ve lived homeless a couple of times for a couple of weeks. It depends on the person, a chaotic, disorganized, free spirited person may like being homeless. It depends on the climate, some climates are better for being homeless than others, for exmple- southern europe vs northern europe. Some places are more hostile to the homeless and some places are more accommodating. Pluses- more leisure, more freedom, fresh air, exercise, adventure, spontaneity, Minuses- being at the mercy of the elements, less comfort, less security, hunger, boredom, loneliness. Most humans seem to prefer security to freedom, but that could all change one day, and we could see humans return to a more primal, nomadic way of existence, like when the economy crashes. I hope I live to see that day.

Jail is a home. 3 square meals a day. Act crazy enough and you get your own cell.


Street-wise or not that’s really crazy about America. Come to Europe Joker here you can sleep everywhere and there’s a lot of state property, not everything is private and the state doesn’t care if you have a house or not.

In Hamburg where I live currently and was also born (I lived in Rome for a while but that is really tough if you dont speak italian and Im not going to make a fool out of myself and speak fucking italian) you can sleep in old boats and shit in the water or in warehouses and shit in a bucket, or go for and cheap lodging in anti-squat or for free loding as a squatter and there is plenty of work if you want to het your hands dirty.

Germany is not in trouble as about the only country in Europa, we are good at managing and have learned not to be cruel to strangers. Be welcome my friend.

So what stopped you from joining them?