The hottest place...

you’ve done it. Okay, it’s an afterthought, a last shout for Valentine’s day. It has something to do certainly with who you’re doing it with, so the “hottest place” could be right in your own bed or a world away right there in it, you know. The baddest place I did it was probably in a car after driving around “commando” in a tiny velvet dress, stopping at a McDonalds and for whatever reason, or no reason at all, my mate and I had stolen a very heavy decorative rock from a condo building and then basically went about it on the front seat. We drove home with the boulder in the back seat- to put this in perspective- I couldn’t even lift the thing, at ALL. It was deposited in my apartment and I had no control over it.

It was hot, but not the hottest- that title being reserved and scrutinized over several instances with my current lover- it’s hard to decide… love is a curious factor- the intesity of which seems to diminish all previous encounters.

Awe…too shy to share? :blush:

Did anybody do anything sweet or romantic for their Valentines yesterday?

“Did anybody do anything sweet or romantic for their Valentines yesterday?”

Obviously not v… They are too jelouse of you to anwser your thread.

What about you, Pureasonist? Can’t you share some romantic moment with you’re vortical? I want to know of some special moment you shared- or are you to stoic and cold to reveal this sensitive side?

Can’t believe you’re here at this time of the day as well, your yanks are true surfers!

I’m at work and probably shouldn’t be online- but there are some temptations I cannot resist.

Yeah, tell me about it… :sunglasses:

come on… give us a love story, ay. You’re going to make me cry… :cry: