The house that divinity built [14 bil old universe etc].

The house that divinity built [14 bil old universe etc].

I was thinking about the situation where the universe has been around for so long [nearly 14 bil yrs] until humans came about, it makes it seem so non-anthropomorphic.

However; you build a house prior to living in it, and in much the same way divinity [using a global derivative here to the purpose of non-religionism] builds a universe full of worlds and then vehicles like the human form for us to occupy.

There may have been intelligent life earlier on elsewhere in the universe, but I don’t think time matter to eternity and the soul. The spiritual world is a close and far as tomorrow, it only matters that life happens. Then the respective spiritual forms may occupy their given vehicles.


seems better than a dumb reality with no purpose, no? an intelligent program or given other thing would do the above, not create a stupid meaningless universe.


I might grasp this when and if I grasp if I was before I was born.


Indeed, it does seem ridiculous ~ the notion of existing for 13-14 bil years prior to this life. You would have thought we would know a little more than babies do eh!

In the great cauldron [so to speak] [ ~ = or that by which the eternal and infinite communicate and are in communion with one another], there probably isn’t any ‘time’ as such, not linear tick-tocking kinda time anyhow.

  • good point!


Alternatively, having no memory between manifestations [lives or whathaveyou] also takes care of the problem.

I’d rather reality took the more intelligent route, I don’t see what would make a great mass of communicating informations such as the universe, be un-inteligent eh! :wink: