The Human Species colonising other planets

[size=150]The Human Species colonising other planets.[/size]

Why do a lot of people eagerly look forward to a future like this?

Have they simply been suckered in by propaganda, such as Star Trek, the secretly commissioned TV show?

What’s wrong with the spaceship we’re standing on?

I have a friend who says Science Fiction is totally gay.

Personally, I think that is a little harsh. I would put it closer to 85%.

I’m all for progression, but not at the expense of other’s: be they animal, mineral, or vegetable…

We can’t even manage our own planet and here we are thinking about colonizing others.

Why does the planet need managing? How would ‘we’ (whoever ‘we’ are) manage the planet? Isn’t this problem one of perception in that some think that ‘we’ need to be in control???

I agree, which is one reason why I said we can’t manage even our own planet let alone others. :wink:

Good! I’m glad we agree on that :slight_smile: Do you think that managing the planet is something our species should aim for? Actually, first, what do you mean by ‘managing’ the planet? :slight_smile:

People eagerly look forward to space exploration because we’re a naturally curious species, and scientists inparticular, amazed at reality, so learning is always a quest.

Besides that not many people take it seriously/look forward to it more than the other technologies such a society would have. its looked forward to, because when we can travel across the stars, our society will be so technologically advanced, a lot of our problems could be solved.

I guess often-times its an idealistic wish; a species that mastered its violence/squabbling enough to produce space-travel technology.

As technological advances stretch our imagination so to stretches our hopes and dreams.

Calling someone who is a visionary gay in my opinion is an insult to both gays and visionarys.

“your friend” should maybe make an argument to the effect of pointing out what’s wrong with visionary space travel in the first place.


its science fiction, but besides that, its a nonsensical criticism.

Even so,even if a microscopic chance of discovering something lie space travel doesn’t exist, what’s wrong with just using the imagination?

p.s i know that the criticism is largely an emotional one, but you know me, i’m the emotioin king ! :sunglasses:

Turn that emotion into reason full circle someday Wonderer and you’ll be utterly confused in your definition between imagination and intelligence.

It could be said that the emotional king is king of his emotions.

worry not my friend

To be honest I am not sure what we as a people or species should do. I personally look at our existence as lost and constantly misguided which I’m sure others will see as pessimistic but nonetheless I still believe that.

I’m not much of a person in conversing about the finer parts of purpose as I really have no answer to give.

Constructed dominionism by millions of pretensions in knowing existential purpose.

Once we have conquered all of existence and space assuming that we will, then what?

What afterwards?

Afterwards shall we go back in fighting amongst ourselves like we have since the beginning of time?

we’ll have to eventually when we kill our beautiful planet with global warming and cigarettes.
who would it be? would there be reps from each nation on Earth? or would it be hybrid humans, mixed to accommodate the physical superiority of the negroes, the intelligence of the mongoloids and the lactose tolerance of the caucasians.