The idea of God and the Afterlife is a fading away prejudice

The two ideas had a terribly strong hold on the world for 2 millenia. Today most intelligent people I know concede that God probably exists, but that there is no way to know for sure. This is simply a reaction to a dying away theory though. First, the intelligent population will say with a resounding confidence that “God does not exist.” It is plain and simply a ridiculous, archaic idea with no basis whatsoever. The simple idea of it should draw laughter, but for now it still lasts in intelligent circles as a possiblity, usually even probability from my experience, because like all prejudices, especially one that lasted as long as the God theory, it is hard to ultimately kill off totally.
While it is easy to forsee religion dying out within intelligent people, the unintelligent population is a whole other story. Who knows how long it will take for them?

I agree, I guess, but I tell this to everyone: there is no escape from religion. People, all of us, need to explain things. We may not use God, but we’ll just replace that explanation for another.

I guess it depends on how you define religion. I define it as how you explain every day things to yourself.

Now-adays I think that people are not so eager to give up on god but are exploring the root that maybe the definition of god has changed I dont think that it has a major bearing on intellegence wether you believe or not alot of people high up in the church have high level degrees e.t.c.

…And yesterday?

Perhaps, as Dan~ once said, you have not yet contemplated infinity long enough.

Sometimes religion needs no God. Contemplate this.

I further ask; what it is that the said ‘intelligent population’ know that makes them intelligent?

What is the definition of God? :slight_smile:

Where the hell is Dr.Satanical?

Personally i find that god and religion are to entirely seperate entities to me. God I believe is the greater good that can be acheived by everyone, personal progress as it were. I find that religion is a construct of man to control the masses, rule by the rod approach, do as i say or your not going to heaven. Although they dont say do as i say, apparantly its gods will. I find that if god was so wise why would he have such a defined line of where good and bad is. Also I have more respect for people who come upon their own ideals/morals by their own reasoning rather than following the rule book so blindly, for they are the ones who truely belive in them and know why they do so.

Let me ask you something

If you don’t need something, then what is the point in having it?

Those who cannot explain things away, with their intellect or extensive choice of vocabulary, I can imagine, will bring it all down to one thing: God.

I believe in God, I honestly do. But I’m also a thinker.

I can see that, if you have the ability to rationalize, then the idea of a God may sound a bit primitive.

My conclusion is that if you can rationalise enough, there is no need to put God in the equation of your logical arguments.

Mind you however, I can see how intelligent people will need to diverge themselves away from the masses somehow, and one of the ways to do this is to say “yeah, I have an answer, look, do you see me using God’s name anywhere in here? You don’t?”

The answer to my question above could be this one:
Because I might need it someday…

Once again, heavily apologize if my answers presupposing his existence causing me to sound a little biased.

Aren’t we all? :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of the most intelligent people I know believe in God, and some of the stupidest don’t. Of course, some of the most intelligent don’t believe too. The point being, I certainly don’t think its the case that an intelligent person can’t believe in God. Actually, I don’t think intelligence has got the slightest bit to do with it.

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which rule was broken?


There is no God and no afterlife. I’m 100% certain of this (truly, you’d need to be quite gullible to believe the opposite). Much follows from these two facts.

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I believe those things too, but I’m not going to claim 100% certainty. I think claiming 100% certainty on just about anything, let alone things beyond all possible experience, is nothing more than hubris.

But like you, I will live my life as though this is it.

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