The Illogicality of Authority

Offensive use of violence is not immoral in complicated, situations. Law enforcement needs to be offensive at times to capture criminals. Should people do that? No, that’s what we pay the government to do, they have centralized power, more information and are more capable.

WWIII: Capturing criminals who have harmed someone in some way is defensive. An example of offensive violence used by authority would be arresting a person for possessing illegal drugs.

If you disagree that offensive violence is immoral, then we might as well stop right here. If you agree that offensive violence is immoral, then how can justify the use of offensive violence by some people?

To clarify:

Defensive violence is the retaliative use of violence to defend one’s self or others, this includes the capture and punishment of people who have in some way harmed another, innocent, person.

Offensive violence is the initiation of violence against people who have not caused harm to anyone in any way.

Offensive is also the excessive use of violence or force, “unneeded” and thus aggressive, not defensive.

Not long ago in Portland OR, some officer shot a teenager to death for not coming down off the railing that he had climb up on. The officer stated that the boy had “disobeyed an officer”. After the attorneys got a hold of it, the story was the the officer thought the boy had a gun.

About a decade ago, two officers in Dallas TX ran down a man who hadn’t been seen doing anything wrong, tied his hands and stomped on his neck, killing him. The officers reported that the issue was that he was running from them. Again, after attorneys got a hold of it, the story was that they found a gun in his possession. The gun was proven to be from one of the officers and placed near the dead victim after his murder. But the officers were properly taught their lesson. They got 6 months suspension. That’ll teach’m.

Authority figures behave illogically. They do that often. Not always, but often.