The ILP 100 Club


In response to the growing feeling that high-level philosophy is often getting lost in the mists of time, the new Heavily Moderated forum has been created for the sole purpose of inspiring the best philosophy ever written! The forum will be readable by everyone but only a select few will be allowed to post. Those few will be decided by the Staff and the Staff’s decision on who gets to post and who doesn’t is final. If you would like to set up your own philosophy forum and not let us in, feel free.

At the moment each Staff member is allowed to choose 5 ILP members from the general populus who will be added to the ILP 100 Club. This will give you exclusive write access to the Heavily Moderated forum. Beware, others can see what you are posting, and if your quality of post drops down, you will be banished once again from the club. I imagine the membership will be flexible and people will be coming in and out as their posts get better or worse. Everyone has a chance to get in, it’s all judged on your posts in the other forums.

It’s important to say that this forum does not take anything away from the ones we currently have. We are merely filling a hole in the philosophical void that needed to be filled. I would encourage all posts to be of a quality nature, but we’re just that little bit more flexible in the other forums (especially the Rant House…the things we allow in there!).

So don’t be disheartened if you don’t make the list. There’s always Staff looking around for new ILP 100 Club members!

Good Luck to you all, here’s to a successful new forum.

  • ben

when do we get to view the list?

“Ours is not to question why, ours is but to do or die.” -Tennyson

sheesh…talk about elitism(sp?). I mean, it’s like the kids on the playground. The kid who is the team-captain picks only those who he thinks are the bests players. :cry:

I don’t think restricting access is a bad idea, but why not give access to all members with at least 200 posts? :confused: :wink:

Sometimes I wonder if you are just a gimmick.

  • ben

They called me a heretic a thing to flout
And drew a circle that shut me out!
But, love and I had the wit to win
We drew a circle and shut them in…

God bless the dissenters.

hmmm…I may just have to start posting again :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t believe restricting posts to those who have at least 200 posts, because I only have 63 but I am a new member and I am really serious about philosophy, this is my one true passion.

I think it’s a good idea. Those of us who aren’t in this ‘100 Club’ can still engage in all the discussions we’ve been used to. Just because there is another specific forum, doesn’t take anything from us. In fact, we would be wise to examine the coherent arguments that I’m hoping this new forum will foster.

If you really care about your membership in this ‘ILP 100 Club’, maybe you should consider thinking about it some more.

I don’t have 200 posts, but I think it’s evident that I’m not as thick-headed as some of those that have accumulated this excessive banter.

Go forth with ye regulated forum and may it spur on the proliferation of wisdom!

[size=75]::runs back to Mundane Babble::[/size]

Yes, It would be nice to witness great philosophy, Annd maybe when I get 200 posts, I may also contribute. It isn’t a bad Idea.

the number of posts are irrlevent. there are tons of 200+ posters here that do not fill the criteria that ben n’ the gang are looking for. if you want in, inprove your posts.

the bottom line is like ben said it.

you cant argue with that. its not your site. Can you blame people for elitism (not that i think this is the case) if the difference in the quality of posts reaches the extremes that they do here?

sum ov us peeple wif moor than 200 posts can bearly tipe. :laughing:

I’ve said it before. The number of posts is essentially irrelevant. The important thing is to bring a good appetite to the table, and occaisonally bring a good dish yourself. Bon appetit!

I look forward to the conversations that will be produced from within those hallowed halls. Some that I have asked have actually declined to join the ILP 100.

Greetings logo!

Apocalypseofwar. Stay in there. Things will happen.

Have you all ever seen the Jet Li movie “The One”? Ben et al are going to compile the list of the 100, but Whitelotus will swoop in from the Multiverse and steal it. Whitelotus will then warp from universe to universe killing the multiple 100 until there’s only two ILP posters left, Whitelotus and Poster X, but of course each is now as powerful as the other, and neither can defeat the other in Philosophical Combat. Imagine it “WITTGENSTEEEEEIIIINNNNN!!!” and a motorcycle gets flung across a parking lot “ROUUUUUUSSSSSEEEAAAAAUUUUU!!!” And a building collapses from an impact. It will take the combined efforts of Me (I get to be the cool Jason Chatham character cause it’s my idea) and who ever wants to be Delroy Lindo to trap Whitelotus and send him to the prison planet “Hey, wanna here about this guy I just read. his name is Nijjie and he says we’re all superpowerful lions. hey do you like my shampoo??”