The ILP Tao Te Ching: A collection of Wisdom from ILP

Hello ILP members…
Based on your own personal life experiences, if you could write a piece of life’s wisdom or your own quote, what would it be? Or if you could write a whole chapter of advice for life, what would it be?

don’t sweat the small stuff…

there is nothing but the small stuff…


The only thing seperating me from your Mr Perfect, woman, is a petty veil of vanity.

“I say stop trying to be perfect, I say never be complete, let the chips fall where they may, Lets evolve” Tyler Durden, fight club

“Suppose that there be a machine, the structure of which produces thinking, feeling, and percieving; imagine this machine enlarged but perserving the same proportions, so that you could enter as if it where a mill. This being supposed, you might visit its inside; but what would you observe there? Nothing but parts which push and move each other, and never anything that could explain perception.” Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

there is no self, There is no you, there is no I, and there is no me.

Like things.




Choose your illusions well, and guard them with your life.

Do not be afraid to leave, the destination is unimportant, it is the journey that matters. Stagnation is death.

See the world first-hand before you judge it.

When you hold a baby, you cradle a whole universe in your arms.

Do one thing well, and a lot of things well enough.

Do not expect the love of others to last, if you do not love yourself.

Blaming the wife doesn’t put the fire out.

Life is full of baubles and bullshit, be a good little Aladdin, and stay on the path.

Never forget you are overrated.

You will fear death the most when you feel you haven’t lived yet.

Remind yourself, as often as needed, that you too are beautiful.

Let go of your resentment.



Remember to laugh

The days are long, but the years are short.

Buy the best, unless it costs too much.

Do whatever it is that simultaneously terrifies you and delights you.

There are those who are inclined to do stupid things all the time, and there are those inclined to never do stupip things, both types must fight against their inclinations.

Walk thru fear and it has no power, just keep moving.

Be with your ugly and painful emotions, avoid being inside your ugly and painful emotions.

Yeild to gratitude.

Tabula wrote:

Kudos to you! That one’s a keeper. The others were nice little bits of wisdom as well, but the quoted one is my fav.

“Only fools and charlatans think they have all the answers.” -Anton Chekhov

The Earth is round, I’ll get there…