the infiniti

always this heart of mine is cold,
and always sold, each and every part
for the ultimate phrase excludes the guard.
my sound of sight, intermitten
spazzed from the fight, from salvation
silenced, profoundly quiet
i don’t think i’ll go; come what may
the heart is not spared, it eats out of the window
like a storm bringing paint to the sky (i fight)
the silent infiniti in a small voice, you compare
from my eternal salvation
from the stagnant dead of the present
from life, of the love given
each brings a question of immense love, methinks,
from my washed soul, as sweet as the sea.

thank you.

A good, solid poem.

a good poem OK Computer – above is what I feel to be the best line of the poem

lhw – AKA: The Straight-faced Clown AKA: M.C. Tape-Hiss