The inner workings of the oval office.

Qatari and Saudi oil barons on the phone: Obama, you promised to invade Syria. We need those pipelines to go through Israel, Syria, and Turkey!

Israel foreign minister on the other phone: Yeah, Obama, why didn’t you come through? We had tactical strike missiles in route.

Obama: I am sorry guys but Vladimir Putin cockblocked my invasion plans.

Qatari and Saudi oil barons on the phone: We were going to supply you financial aid with the arms, manpower, and equipment to get this operation off on its feet.

We need that pipeline to reach the European mainland. We must cut Russian natural gas off as a monopoly over Europe.

Obama: The American public isn’t buying the official story. We’re struggling over here.

Israeli foreign minister: Damnit Obama! I thought you guys we’re going to take control of the internet and all free press journalist websites including that of bloggers. You need to crack down on the internet right away!

Obama: We’re working on it. We will just have to come up with another reason to invade Syria in the coming months. I am talking to my appoint CIA adviser tomorrow.

Israeli foreign minister: What about Putin?

Obama: We’re trying to make a back room deal with the Russians.

Israeli foreign minister: We could set up a false flag via Mossad.

Obama: That would certainly make our job over the pond here a lot easier.

Israel foreign minister: Give us a couple of weeks. You know you can bomb an American city and say a bunch of Syrians did it. You know how gullible and stupid the American public is.

Qatari and Saudi oil barons on the phone: Sounds reasonable. In the meantime we will keep aiding the Syrian rebels with arms. Assad will eventually crack.

Obama: Don’t worry guys, I got this.

So what’s wrong with that? We do need the oil, and I’m sure that people in Europe would use that oil if they got the pipeline in.

I mean so what’s the big deal?

I just find it comical that governments try to create fantastical “moral” meta narratives for militarily pursuing national self interests.

I long for the day when I YouTube CNN and the spokesman for the White House talks about how we need petroleum in another country where rather candidly in a open honest way they describe how we need to bomb small children with drones to go get it.

No more bullshit fictional stories of democratic liberation or caring about the plights of others, which clearly in all honesty they really don’t care, but instead they are simply honest with their ruthless sense of wanting something that somebody else owns or has.

We live in a era where it is discussed that if we can bomb our own cities and make it look like somebody else did it that all of a sudden we would have the “moral” imperative to invade their country.

Seems like a lot of trouble really.

Wouldn’t it just be easier for them to say that the other country gots shit that we need where we’re just going to go take it from them because we got more guns and bombs? Seems like a lot of hassle for this so called “moral” imperative thing. Then again the whole “moral” imperative thing is a bunch of bullshit anyways.

People like a nice story. Let em have it man. The world’s fucked, everyone knows it, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a little cake as we make our way toward hell in this hand basket.

Yes, the entire world is going to hell and the end of western civilization is near fast approaching. I personally think it is going to be a fun one way trip down where I am looking forward to it. I especially look forward to those having everything losing it all overnight with all the bewildered faces the following day.

The thing I’ve learned over the years is that people prefer bullshit over reality.

Fantasy over truth. Deception over clarity.

It is all very absurd, but the bottom line is that is our current world.

How can you tell the difference between bullshit and reality?

Reality doesn’t need justification. Only bullshit does.

Ty, your missing the critical elements of the game, the “two horns of the Devil”; extortion and obfuscation.

Because of those, you can’t really know who is really working toward what goal nor for whom. Even they can’t tell.
Just because it says “Genuine” or “Christian” or “American” on the label…

Any intelligent person who knows international politics and economics can see clearly what is going on.

I think you’re overestimating the intelligence of about 3/4 of the world’s population.

How so?

I think theirs more going on here then just the desire for a pipline for oil.

But I certainly don’t see any of the Reasons as being in U.S. National Interests.