The intersection

What are your thoughts on this? And is “psychology” the correct forum for this?

I was walking to work a few days ago, and came up to an intersection where I had the right of way (no stop sign for me). A car was coming up to the intersection to my right. Knowing I had reached the intersection first, I immediately started crossing the street as the car approached his stop sign.

The car stopped, then started to advance into the intersection while I was walking in front of it (so the car almost hit me…), then the car stopped abrubtly. I glared disbelievingly at the driver who raised his hands off the wheel in apology. I got to the other side safely, after which he went through the intersection.

My question is this:

Being a pedestrian and less protected than the driver in the car, should I have waited for him to reach the intersection then cross it (giving up my right of way)?

Or was I right in being somewhat annoyed with him for not paying attention to his surroundings (and putting myself in potential danger)?

(I often get annoyed with people for not paying attention to their surroundings, or for not noticing their effect on their surroundings…)

Is this a psychological question, or a philosophical question? I think it might be philosophical, now that I’ve finally put it down into words (hopefully coherently…)

Any thoughts?

I think it’s philosophical.


Your deciding to stop at the intersection and look before crossing was a partly discreet, partly aware, rational calculation of statistics, averages, and probabilities in an organized ratio for the most efficient cost/benefit relationship you could have with that environment at that intersection.

This was a mediated cost/benefit reaction with many moral judgements involved, advancing the matter into ethics and/or politics.

The metaphysical implications, well, I guess there could be many, but I wouldn’t know where to start.

AmbroseMoloney wrote:

Psychological. I mean it could possibly get philosophical, anything can, but I believe this question is more about the psyche of the particular individual asking the question. Its about the trust of those in your surrounding environment, your pride, temperment. A lot of things.

Interesting, I never thought of it that way.

Someone else in my shoes might not have even questioned it at all.

Someone else might have thought they were daft to have tried crossing the street at all, and would have never done it again.

And someone else still might have stopped and punched the car to get a message across.

And yet another someone might have just kept crossing the street without even blinking.

I think you should try to be more aware, and don’t put faith in society’s rules and regulations. Be aware of things as they are, then you won’t get into trouble when society’s rules fails to influence mans actions.

mmm, yes, I think I like that.

I always put faith in the rules and regulations of society. As is implied, SOCIETY chose them and SOCIETY enforces them. It kills me that SOCIETY then does not follow them!

Up until now, I’ve had faith in the rules, whether I was a part of choosing them or enforcing them or just living by them. I still do, but looking at it in this way, I see that I must take more responsibility than that, because you never know who’s not paying attention. In my opinion, it’s very rare that ANYBODY is paying attention at all… (and that burns me up, but what can you do)