The Irony: Discussing government on ILP

I know very little about your personal life, but from what i’ve been able to gather your predisposed towards hating (any) government.

You mean like you are pre-disposed to hating any kind of anarchy?

With a great deal of many reasons for doing so.

Such As?

Always remember their constraining rights revolve around one subjecting themselves entirely in constant obedience. The price of affording minimal rights requires one to be the slave.

Of course with any inequal system some are afforded more rights than others.

Your free to leave slave…

Have you ever attended School? Driven on a Road? Not been attacked and killed by a band of Marauders?

Sometimes you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. I can’t predict what exactely would happen were there no government who honestly can? Sure there are probably reasonable people who might be able to live beside in an anarchist lifestyle but what of those with hate in there hearts who care nothing for mankind who live only to take and Torment, Can government be like that? Of course it can, after all it is made up of Human beings all the same. I am not arguing with you that government is perfect,that I support every government, or even that I fully support this one. Those are your words not mine .

But go ahead keep twisting my words and implying things about me that are untrue I don’t care.

Don’t you understand!? I want a Government that defends against Tyranny and Helps and defends its people, that’s all I’ve ever wanted out of Government. But you speak half truths and claim they are whole truths.

Are there Tyrannies? Yes!

Are there governments that exploit and enslave the people while giving them nothing in Return? Yes!

But is this all that government is? NO! Thats absolutely one sided and based on a complete disregard for human history. But Government is not an end goal it is a process and it must always be maintained!

If it is not than as is shown it becomes corrrupt and explotative and destroys it’s own reason for being!

This is all I can say, If you cannot understand this then it is pointless for me to continue this dialogue.

My simple Stoic you are never truely “free” to do anything in a world of purely consequence.

As for me I have a escape contingency in place when your world finally pops. The world you have faith in is about to come to an end.

There I will be independent, empowered, and emboldened.

I shall taste the sweetness of revenge before I die that you can be reassured.

Your Ego does your reason discredit.

I have reasoning for what I believe in. You will see in the end.

Everyone has reasoning for what they believe in, whether i be good or bad reasoning.

Attended school? Yes. Was not the best of students.

In this high tech era of technological romantic nostalgia one has to be damn near a ametur mathematician and a perfect writer with high standards of acute memory just to succeed in being a beloved member of society.

Not me. I was always more of a day dreamer and questioner for all of that with my inquisitive skeptical mind.

Besides school is so expensive anymore where it is barely in the reach of many.

Driven on the road? I have not been able to afford a vehicle in years.

Killed by marauders? I do not fear others. Others should fear me.

With my capabilities unrestrained I would lay to waste a great deal of others.

Duality is interpreted subjectively. Such relative notions.

All one has to know is that all human beings are corruptible within power.

This is why all governments fail.

I was the Same. And a Loner as well.

There government grants and such depending on if you qualify for College, One reason I’m debating on whether or not to go to college is whether I could afford it without getting a student loan, I don’t need dect hanging ofver my head.

Took a Bus, Walked on one, used the sidewalk etc.

Sense I don’t know you I can’t really comment on this other than most men with any degree of confidence believe this, whether it’s true or not.

Saying governments aren’t worth it because they fail is like saying a Man was never healthy because he got sick periodically in life and eventually died.

Healthy government is something based upon myth.

There is no balance of power.

Only power which exists unequally by sacrificing a portion of the population into horrendous suffering.

Government is Big Brother.

I dont believe so.

Also “Myth” doesn’t mean a lie, a Myth is widly known tale based on true events but containing exagerattions to increase Drama.

Saying Government is perfect would be a Myth, saying government can be Helpful, Functional and in all “work” would not be a Myth.