The Irony Of An Open Mind


You don’t have to defend Jesus of Nazareth. His message was clear to those who would listen, It still is, even though it wasn’t meant for us heathens.


Actually tentative I would argue Jesus’ message was for us. For the people who saw the obvious problems with the world, especially the corruption of organized religion and government. Jesus was a social revolutionist who was mainly against all forms of authority, and a martyr for his cause. He died at the hands of Pontius Pilate because he was viewed as a threat to the Roman Empire.

If you read the Gospel of Thomas it is very apparent that Jesus was a “cynic sage” of sorts. I don’t even think he was AS religious as the bible depicts him. That is not to say he wasn’t religious but he did not care for organized religion and he didn’t care for authority. This gospel and others were deemed “heretical” because they were a threat to the version of Christianity that the Roman Empire wanted to sell to the gullible masses. I do not believe Jesus was the Jesus of the bible, I think the early church and the Roman Empire choose certain books that depicted Jesus as some divine figure so they could use him as a tool to gain more followers; thus having more control over the population of Rome. I wouldn’t even doubt it if the Gospels of the bible were purposefully changed to fit Constatine and the Roman Empire’s agenda.

I would personally define open minded as one who is willing and able to change their views or beliefs when something that makes more sense comes along.
The problem and difficulty with being ‘open minded’ as we tend to use our various beliefs as cornerstones of or perceptual reality, and changing any of these or even rattling them can be very hard and troubling. transition is not easy, and there is always a part of us that resists change.
I supose what I am talking about is a sort of cognative dissonance.

Being a free thinker in my opinion requires constant scrutiny of everything. It isn’t an easy path, and it doesnt provide much comfort or security…in fact being a free thinker impies a constant struggle against the mental comfort zone, in all aspects of life.
In my opinion, free thinkers are a lot more rare than people that take the label, exponentially.
I don’t even think it is within everyones capabilities to be a free thinker.

Hi Dr.Satanical

Should this statement then not be under scrutiny?

How about the truth of this stement?

such notions are simply self-refuting… there is no such thing as a “free thinker”… we are all chained… freedom is in ignorence and naiveté… which oddly is something we all poses but some of us deny… in favor of arrogance… and self-worship…

I take it you suport self-worship… as your name suggests… :evilfun: :stuck_out_tongue:

No, because I am the absolute authority on my own opinion.

Nope, I stated quite clearly this was my own interpretation. And again, I am the absolute authority on my own opinions and interpretations.

If you say so.

Hi Dr.Satanical

that’s a closed world, dude… you’re not being very “open minded” at all… you’re just refusing to deal with other people’s views at this point… denial is the quickest way to become one’s own boss…

If you say so… :wink:

There is an old Yiddish saying:
“Having an open mind is good, but a mind too open results in one’s brains falling out.”

Also, note the insight from Carl Jung: “A man is more able to influence, the more he himself is suceptible to influence.”


Correct, Jesus’ message needs no defense, it stands on its own. Rather let me say that I am glorifying Jesus, with my words, actions and thoughts.

Also, when you say “it was not meant for us heathens,” are you referring to us as Gentiles, and with Jesus preaching only to Jews?

Hi BurNinG,

Yes. That Jesus’ message to the Jews could also be received by the gentiles is to the good, but we must remember that Jesus came to the people ‘chosen of God’ to fulfill the prophesies. That his message could apply to all was quickly noted in the asiatic greek world, but any NT biblical references to the universism of christianity was written some 2-4 hundred years after his death and may, just may, have been colored by the political neccesities of the times in which they were written.


I try to keep an open mind, but nobody is perfect. It takes practice and frequent introspection. I do consider myself to be a pretty open-minded individual.

I agree with that.

I see people who are so sure they are right and others are wrong. I say to myself, if they think they are right and I think they are wrong, how do I know that it is I who is in the right?

With this attitude, and in light of new evidence, I might change my opinion.
I always consider the possibility that I am wrong, for I am sure to be wrong on some things. No-one knows everything.

Even with the most obviously wrong ideas, I want to try to understand how that person arrived at that conclusion. That doesn’t mean I’m going to agree with them though.

Having an open mind makes dealing with criticism much easier. If a critiscism really stings, then it is best to examine why it is so. The ones that sting the most often have some truth to them. With an open mind and a mature attitude it means you can accept any truth from the criticism without taking (too much) offence.

Having an open mind makes it easier to tolerate other peoples opinions and ideas.

One disadvantage I find is that I am quite frequently changing my mind when I come across an area in which I have little knowledge. Even when I have a lot of knowledge on a certain subject, I may not change my mind as frequently, but I still try to keep an open mind. Besides, there is so much to know compared to what little I do know, and we are always learning more.

A long time ago, the majority of people used to believe the Earth was flat.

I don’t think God exists, but I’m not sure he doesn’t exist either. We may never know for sure, but then again maybe we will know one day (like if judgement day occurs).

An open mind is an action void of Faith. How can a Christian use the term open mind? Also, I’m not sure what planet you live on but Christian’s make up the majority of the uneducated on the planet earth.

I consider myself to be an open-minded person. I think I’m too open-minded, and that’s why I’m always dealing with so much anxiety. I think that’s the problem with open-mindedness: it leads to a state of distress for the individual within it.

Having an open mind is dealing with objectivity. I think tentative had it right when he said, not spewing answers. When you have an open mind you analyze all aspects, from an objective point of view, when you introduce a bias thought, which most often happens, you are no longer keeping an open mind. I also believe that it is difficult to hold on particular belief, and still be open -minded, you will most often want your side to be the correct one. Notice I said it is difficult, not impossible. A person can be a Christian, but at the same time look at the views of other religions from an objective standpoint, in which case, an argument wouldnt occur, because arguing against something means that you are advocating something else. So basically, when people tell others to “have an open mind” in an arguement, you defeat the purpose of the argument. Yes indeed.

D wrote:

I can relate to what you are saying here. You said that you consider yourself to be an open-minded person, how would “you”, define open-mind. I personally believe your problem stems from you either putting pressure on yourself to be open-minded, or the notion that you have to accept all that your hear, or at least play into it for a little while. I would think its the first one. I also consider myself to be a highly open-minded person. But when I say this, I mean that when someone gives me another point of view, I will analyze it without comparison to the views I have already accepted. I think having this ability is one of the greatest abilities one might possess. When you can look at the world from anyones point of view you can understand it so much better. But if I am in an argument, or when I am trying to swade someone else to my view of thinking, then this objectiveness is not occuring. I simply consider what they say, compared to what I already think. Then I tear break down their argument, and show how it doesnt compare to mine. I think thats where people are getting the misconcieved notion that if you simply consider the others point of view, then you are being open-minded. I personally believe that being open-minded is looking from a point of true objectivity, as I said in my earlier post. I dont understand what the anxiety is stemming from unless you are putting pressure on yourself to obtain objectivity, or what you believe to be open-mindedness.

The other thing that makes attaining open-mindedness difficult is that it’s paradoxically equated with particular views all too often: Open-minded people have this stance on an issue, close-minded people have that one. The obvious stupidity of this doesn’t take away from the fact that it sends mixed messages to someone who is trying to understand open-mindedness as being about objectivity.

I think that the issue of open-mindedness is a bit over-blown. Ostensibly, open -mindedness is all about being ‘objective’. I’ve never met anyone (including the guy in the mirror) that is truly objective. How about settling for suspending judgement and making an honest attempt to ‘see’ from the other point of view?

There is also the misunderstanding that, having been ‘open-minded’, there will be some sort of agreement out of opposing views. Well, we can certainly hope for that, but it may be that there will be complete disagreement on any particular issue. Sometimes the best that can come from being open minded is an agreement to disagree. :laughing:

FWIW, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being hesitant and uncertain. That is the mark of a questioner and seeker, and we need more of them. We already have a surplus of those who know how it is.


I’m sure in today’s times, people have more of an open mind than in previous times and no matter how they view their religion, their judgement won’t be clouded to a large extent. Of course, narrow minds will always be here, giving us tunnel vision of things, but we can always disagree on their view of reality. And I don’t think there is any irony related to an open mind if the mind is just open enough and never too much. For example we should all know when and where to draw the line, even if we’re propagating something for the good, if it is not accepted, we must give others the benefit of doubt and stop propagating. Etcetera, etcetera.