the joys of ebay

For a long time I had liked the idea of ebay, but i never got an account.
Now that I have it, I think it is giving me more options.
Some things are only available online, and not at general retailers.
So, I’m happy about it.
Do any of you all enjoy ebay as well?

I use it all the time.

“series of tubes”
That episode of the daily show was funny.
I’m thinking that inspired your quote.

For me, Ebay and Amazon are two of those old-school internet companies that have been around since the dawn of the web that simply mean nothing to me, for the same reason that mail order catalogs before them also meant nothing to me. When I grow bored of objects in my immediate environment, I feel that the ultimate problem lies with my own lack of imagination rather than with the environment itself.

Besides, I wonder what particular joy you get from Ebay as such… is the graphical interface itself pleasant to behold? Or is it rather the tingle you get when buying things that tickle your consumerist fancy?

Regardless, it is a good thing that it makes you happy!

The way i see it, capitalism is not pure evil.
A person can be happy within certain limits, in certain ways.
What I like is that it gives me more options in my life.
A lot of things for sale are not necessary. They are luxury.
But then there are the novel items, which are a good deal.

Holy crap. I’m not completely new to ILP, so I have been aware of you for quite some time. I’ve always thought you were kinda dumb, but now I see you are just plain nuts. First of all, your location is not any kind of location, real or imaginary. Second of all, um, where is the permanent ignore button?

Yeah… I am not going to start getting into arguments about what is or is not evil with people who live where you do!

I’m nuts now too?
What if you’re wrong about that, and I’m not actually a nut?
If you make one mistake like that, then it would probably happen many times throughout your life.

I’ve met many people who do not consider me to be a nut.
These people were farely nice and wise in their own way.
But according to you as judge, these people were all wrong
and I’m merely a nut fit for the garbage.

The real nuts are quick to insult people on false grounds :
An example would be : “This person is boring to me, therefor they are a crappy person.”
Maybe they are bored because they are unable to amuse their own mind.

Then we have all these wonderful posters, which tell everyone off
at how wrong the persons are and how right their self is.

Dan~, Ever hear of kids poking a stick at a dog that is on the other side of a fence? Don’t fall for that stick my friend.

I agree with Dan~ and Mr R… One can get plants, furniture, out of stock items, and anything you can think of on that site.

I use it weekly.

I wonder if eBay has any web forum dickhead repellant.

I prefer Amazon.