The Knowledge of no New Knowledge

If you read ancient stories you will see they contain highly mythologized accounts of events that occur. That is - things that are not experienced in day to day life and involving anomalies of natural laws or metaphysics.

If you read contemporary literature, you will see that it is mostly concerned with events that occur within everyday reality. They are mainly only concerned with observable sensory reality, but this doesn’t mean that a different purpose is attained.

Ultimately the impact is similar, but the individual comes more into themselves probably due to a higher population density. With more distractions within modern society and a more condensed form of existence, the individual is preoccupied with their observed surroundings.

What this eventually leads to is the realization that there is no new knowledge. So what the individual does is either revolt against this or find a way to optimize their experience.

The search then becomes not a search for truth, but a search for how to function within what is already true. So what most people are hung up on in modern society is the fact that life is no longer an adventure, but it is an experience.

So what most people need to be doing is not coming up with more ideas, but observing things within observable reality and then using other things within reality to contemplate the experience. Like when someone says this is “the shit”, they are replacing “this is good” with something that is observable, but the effect is still the same only modernized.

Modern books, movies, tv shows and video games are full of unreal stuff.

As duality himself would probably say, that’s because real life is shit.

I can’t for example hit a clockwork automaton with a mace and have it explode into it’s constituent parts in real life. And someone somewhere will pay. :wink:

Take cocaine and do this.

I am of course joking I meant crack.

You missed the whole point of my post. Optimization instead of invention. We are no longer physically manufacturing shit, but we are mythologizing/metanarrating our existing material realities. largely due to population density and post-industrial society.

Can you give an example of what “New Knowledge” would be, so that I have a better idea of what you’re denying the existence of? Was there ever new knowledge? If so, you can just give examples of that.

No there never was new knowledge, but there was the perception of new knowledge. Like beyond that hill there lives a mythological creature or if you go to a certain cave up in those mountains you can speak to the gods. We are just replacing that with the optimization of what we already see as opposed to creating the unknown from what we dont.

I still don’t have an example of what “new knowledge” would be according to your paradigm, so I’m having a hard time understanding exactly what it is you’re saying doesn’t exist.

“[…]creating the unknown from what we dont [see].”

Is this what you mean by “new knowledge”?

Modern society is full of metanarrative scripts and mythologies. One only has to carefully observe in order to discern between them. As usual like past historical societies a majority of the civilian populance rather ignorantly sucks it all up as being reality.

Ignorance is bliss where only a miserable minority is able to discern between it all while remaining unable to exert any change because those in power have no intentions of letting the majority turn off the blinders.

The minority as usual remains silenced and censored.

The ignorance of the majority suits those in power which is why they try very hard to control all forms of communication, censorship, and information.

This sad little fictional social reality we have constructed for ourselves called public society or civilization.

It just keeps on getting stranger…

I already said there was never any ‘new knowledge’. All there was was the illusion of new knowledge. There was always the same amount of possible knowledge. We are just adjusting our metanarrative/mythological script to adapt to the environment of post-industrial society.

3000 years ago we would be squatting in a cave wondering why the grass is green. Now we use the internet. Its all the same thing essentially.

Yes, I know, but to understand what that statement means, I’d have to know what “new knowledge” means. You haven’t been very explicit about that. If I were to come up to you and tell you that no Jumtrampolus has ever existed, you wouldn’t actually understand my statement or be able to say if you agree or not until I actually explain to you what a Jumtrampolus would be if it did exist. If you don’t know what the word means, then you can’t have any clue what I’m talking about when I say it doesn’t exist.

Now, I konw “new knowledge” is not a made up word like Jumtrampolus, and you probably think it’s obvious what you mean, but it’s not obvious what you mean by “new knowledge”. I don’t think you’re using it in the way that most people use it, which is why I’m stressing that you clarify what it is you’re actually talking about. Like, to me, when they discovered how to make steel for example, that counts as new knowledge, but I don’t think that you’re using “new knowledge” in that sense, and I’m asking you to be more straight-forward about what sense you are using it in. Can you try that?

New knowledge as in the subjectivist or empiricist philosophy where humanity builds on and defines itself through experiencing its own environment, as opposed to the objectivist fashion where humanity understands its own pre-existing reality through experience of its environment and ideas.

So, to be clear, when you say that there’s no new knowledge, what you really mean is that humanity does not build on and define itself, but rather just understands it’s own pre-existing reality, right?


Ok, so now that it’s just a little bit clearer…well, I don’t have anything to offer other than clarifying for everyone else what you’re talking about. I don’t know how you derived your conclusions from the assumption that humanity just understands itself, I don’t understand how you came to the conclusion that humanity just understands itself…this thread seems to me to be just one logical leap after another, so I guess I just don’t have anything to say about it other than that. I don’t understand where you’re coming from, and I don’t understand where you’re going. Guess that’s my exit cue.