The Ladies of ILP

I think beauty comes from the inside.

mmm, ok! if you say so :smiley:

Oh come on ladies,
If you’re too shy to post them here just send them to and I’ll gladly rate them for you.

you gonna try the psychic homeing device? If you come close: I’ll mail a pic of me… and it’s a good experiment: for the non-believers of the meta-physical…

It’s okay. I’m a nerd too, see the glasses?

After all this time Tent, you should know that name would kill any motivation. [-X :laughing:

I don’t post my face to anyone for several reasons. 1. family privacy, 2 family can’t get me to face the camera. 3 when I do face the camera I am generally asleep or caught in a bad facial expression or pose. 4 I am very shy about my looks.

You have my description, its accurate. Use your imagination to fill in the blanks :laughing:

I am no beauty but, I do have enough males look upon me with favor and want, to keep my small ego content.

Murex, for what its worth, if I were twenty years younger and not hitched, I would be hunting you down, you are a classic handsome, very attractive and your online personality is matching. You are a keeper.

Smears, hon you are a dear, I enjoy your posts very much but, you are a hound. not a dog but, a hound. I would only let you know its me if we were face to face. Besides, I am too old for you to be wondering about. :laughing:


Obey you? ROTFLMFAO, If I do not obey my father nor do I obey my husband, what makes you think I would obey you? I realize brass balls have something to do with it… :laughing:

I thought you said you were ‘attractive’ in that …whatever topic (about Britts). Why be shy if you think this?

P.S.: Girls have not shown interest in me, but strangely I don’t like bothering with that stuff, so it works out.

As long as you are happy. but, you are a keeper from what I can tell.

Being shy about my looks when photographed is not the same as being seen face to face. Wow, you really don’t know women to not know that.

Where is your mother or sisters, cousins, female friends etc…? They should be educating you on the delicacies of feminine egos. :laughing:

A delicate ego is an ego I’m not interested in.

A hound? What does that mean?

Also, you have to be like 60 to be too old.

45 and up is too old.

I am two years under that line.

Well if you are not interested in learning certain aspects of what makes a female tick, then there is your answer why none are interested. You probably show it. You can’t expect a woman to be a man and a woman can’t expect a man to be a woman. Although many do try.

Smears, the diference between a dog and a hound is hard to put into words. Calling a man a hound is a compliment, calling a man a dog is an insult. Think about a hound’s looks and traits compared to a dog off the street a regular mutt. You are a hound not a dog.

[size=167]Lola… Lo Lo Lo Lo Lola…[/size]


Yep that song went through my head :laughing:

nonesense. I’ve met at least 2 women aged somewhere in their 50’s I’d be happy to shag.

So all women have vunerable egos?

:astonished: :angry: Eeeewwww

Yes women have vunerable egos just like men do. Its learning each other sensitivities or general sensitivities that can help relations. If a question were asked about what males are sensitive about and what females are sensitive about, you would see a balance, different things but, it would be balanced.

I"m actually very sensitive my ego is extremely fragile.

teflon syrup might help


Injected into which orifice? the little oneeye or down the throat… Little oneeye probably for him. :laughing: :laughing: