The legend of Li Ching Yuen.

as a Chinese herbalist who supposedly lived to be over 256 years old. He claimed to be born in 1736,

I wanna know what herbs this guy was eating, and how much of each.

It’s a short article if you want to read it.

Sometimes I can feel changes and sensations in my body when i eat certain things or drink certain things.
I think it’s the phytochemicals rapidly absorbing and going to work.

Well, you’ve got some of the herbs right there listed out.
But the thing about Chinese medicine is that what is good for him might not be right for you. In the West we seem to Think medicines fit illnesses. In TCM the herbs and treatments fit you.

you should probably get out more.

Couldn’t hurt…?

That may be true, but I think some herbs are just as objective as lettuce. Some herbs are always good for you, while others are only good in some cases or situations.
There are Chinese herbalist stores in Edmonton, i must visit there soon.
There’s hardly any healthy food available prepared. It’s like you have to make your own food if you want it to be good.

Also I think the Chinese are one of the oldest and wisest races of humanity, even though they have problems with authoritarian government crap. Still, their culture has some pretty good portions.

Lettuce is and herb - in herbal medicine - it’s a diarhetic, for example. And if you have the flu, and you are Cold. Low fever, chills, for example. You do not want to eat lettuce or salad in general. I mean, I am being fussy, but I disagree. A lot of people will benefit from ginseng, but some people will get sick. Not in a nice Western disease sort of way, but it will make them cranky, perhaps cause sleep problems. And that is about the most general tonic on his list. And even if it is OK to good for you, some other herb is likely to be better for your particular body. In the context of living a couple of hundred years, it would seem to me best to visit a good TCM practitioner and follow their suggestions.

I agree.

As we speak Chinese medicine - a variant of it - is immensely helping a family member of mine with a very serious condition.


I accept that some ancient herbs are very fuitful in many ways but it is also a fact that they cannot double the human life span, though certainly add some extra percentage to it.

Human body is just like any physical machinery and use to have fixed working hours. The best example is tryes. The life sapan of the tyres is measured in kms, not hours. If you want then to last more, you have to drive those slowly and less. And, thay would last more than usual.The same is applicable to the human body too. Its life span also depends all its woking, ratations of wears and tears, not years.

To be more precise, every human body is meant to last for some certain numbers of breaths, which may be different for different people. So, if one wants to enhance its life span, he has to slow down his activities. This can be done by lowering breathing rate and living in colder conditions.

That is why ancient meditators used to have longer life span than folks because they brought down their breathing rate considerable by yoga and prefer to live in Himalayas.

with love,

Tyres do not have homeostasis, or let’s say, they have a simple version of it. Who knows how that can be enhanced, though I tend to agree that to make enormous Changes, one must change how one is and not just what one ingests.

I’m trying. I consider medicine somewhat “spiritual”, that is why the medicine man was also the magician or the preist in some cases.
Anything that can strengthen the soul or the consciousness, in this case, makes it qualify as spiritual.
So as you can see, I posted in the religion area of the forums.