The Liver is one of the most vital organs in the body: … ening.html

Some main herbs for liver strengthening:

Barberry root.
Dandelion root.

Lies; the liver is evil and must be constantly punished!

I do recognise that I may have one or two of the problems that the liver seems to aid though. I might need to consider cutting back on my alcoholism and high-meat intake and attempt to strengthen my liver… but then again, maybe I’d rather not.

LOL, the gym flushes huge amounts of the booze and meat cholestoral out of the system.

I intend to continue enjoying barbequed steaks, and great wine, along with a nice vegi side or spinich salad. Folks, fresh spinich salad and balsamic vinigar is to die for. :sunglasses:

I’ve had pretty severe acne for the past 6 years (my brother as well), and I only found out that acne is due to an overtoxified liver, unclean bowels, and wretched eating habits about six months ago…

Great post.

Aren’t everybody’s bowels unclean?


Buying a herbal-supliment such as a bottle of dandelion-root-captules – is very easy and inexpensive. Go for it; see if it makes you feel stronger.

Are you sure? I thought it was caused by a virus? My ex sister-in laws had somewhat mild cases of acne, and said it was a virus. Jeez, some of the inflamed lumps they suffered had to be lanced. Ouch. :sunglasses:

The liver can be replaced. The pancreas, we cannot.

A virus is a incomplete piece of DNA, one of the double-helix, which can only reproduce inside of a cell. Some viruses are symbiant, whilst others are harmless, and others are harmful.
[If I remember correctly.]

Acne is due to skin-health issues and bacteria.

So, is eating beef or chicken liver good or bad for the consumer’s own liver?

(I’ve always enjoyed the stuff, myself – even as a kid.)

Chinese teaching is that eating an organ makes your own stronger; while on the other hand, doesn’t the liver have to de-toxin the blood of the toxins in the liver meat?