The Lizard King Knows

Under the bottle cap of a Sobe Lizard Lava, I found the saying: The Lizard King Knows.

Although I can’t confirm it, I’m taking it as a reference to the late Jim Morrison, who stated in the lyrics of the song Not To Touch The Earth:
I am the Lizard King
I can do anythingHowever, if this would be a reference to the dead, it would have stated: The Lizard King Knew. So the questions are:

Who is The Lizard King and what does he know?

the lizard king is the fake hero. the courage that wants to laugh. the poet clown.
(i can’t remember the rest)
he is a mythical beast.

He is a pointless mythical tale. He adds nothing to your life, but what does?

Anotherwords, he is the Fool of the Tarot: a joke who acts on impulses and emotions rather than rational judgement. The epitomy of senselessness…


It adds nothing to one’s life, yet that did not stop Morrison from claiming the title, and he is venerated for it by thousands of Doors’ fans, yes? It would all be just the same if I decided to call myself a mythical beast and for the rest of my days be known as that beast, just as Crowley didn’t mind being called The Beast bearing the mark. Crowley himself wasn’t exactly a Satanist, as he dabbled in a great many things of the occult, but that didn’t stop him from accepting a title that would draw attention to him.

Law of Power #6: Court attention at all costs.

A friend of mine has a live Doors recording where they are playing Roadhouse Blues (I think its called), and I swear to God that at the beginning of the song Jim shouts “Timmy!!!”

I don’t know if the creators of Southpark had this moment in mind when they created Timmy, but everytime I see Timmy I think of Jim.