The logic & self awareness of the everything & nothi

The logic & self awareness of the everything & nothing
By Giorgio Martoni
WGA Registration Number : 1225347

If the everything includes all that exists,
Can anything be removed or added to it?

If the nothing is all that exists outside of the everything,
Then it is my conjecture that their relationship and interaction,
Is the basis and logic that has formed life.

If there cannot be everything without the nothing,
Then the totality of them both is one,
And the one becomes an entity of it’s own,
That I propose is self awareness itself,
Existing eternally and consciously aware of the reflection,
That forms between the interaction of the everything,
And the nothing.

This awareness is similar to the perceptual experience,
Of being in between two mirrors, or even between the water above the clouds,
And the water below the ocean.

The only difference is the reflection or image is in constant movement.

In fact I have observed many similarities,
Between the behavior of human beings,
And the environmental interaction
With the ocean and clouds.

For example:
when the Sea is calm and there is no movement on the surface,
It reflects the sky almost perfectly,
But when there is movement on the surface,
Such as waves,
Then the oceans reflection of the sky becomes distorted.

I believe accurate reflection,
Is similar to the human beings ability,
To be intelligent,
That is if intelligence is clarity and sensitivity,
To the reality of what actually is.

So in order for the human being to function
Effectively and efficiently on a certain task,
It’s focus must be still,
Or rather one must be calm,
And To be calm,
One must be comfortable with the reality,
Of what is actually there.
It seems that human beings in general,
Go to great lengths to change the perceived external,
To something they believe to be more comfortable,
Which they have determined through comparison,
Of previous experience.

Lately I have been thinking that perhaps,
Nothing is really changed at all,
But rather one cannot readily perceive,
What one has not previously been exposed to,
Because the focus,
Is always on comparing differences.

That might mean,
That the totality of the what is that is there,
Has been available all along,
And one gradually becomes,
More and more aware of it’s complexity.

It seems to me that the method of modifying the supposed external,
Has a few fundamental flaws in achieving continuous comfort.
Everything appears to be in motion,
And the experiences that one perceives,
Are never exactly the same again.
So all that one really achieves in doing,
Is creating new obstacles,
Or rather a eventual conflict,
That must be resolved as the environment changes.
Which some might consider adaptation,
However I believe this complex system of controlling the supposed external,
Will always inevitable fail to provide continuous comfort.
In fact since the human mind has it’s limits,
On the number of tasks it can give focus to,
This will lead to a fragmented system,
That becomes specialized to a limited amount of specific tasks.

Much in the way early on in cell division,
The cells all have the same dna and always do,
but over time they become specific,
to certain expressions of genes.

It seems only logical,
That in order for one to be comfortable with a environment,
That appears to be in constant motion,
Then one must adjust internally to the current conditions,
And to do this one must accept reality for what it is,
and not what one thinks it should be,
Because any kind of desire,
Separates one from the flow,
And in fact destroys the self,
And what is perceived,
By trying to hold a moving thing,
Turning it into something that is static,
Like a memory which is a dead thing.

I believe that accepting everything for what it is,
Including what one perceives as good and bad,
Is the real love,
Not the love of something,
But love itself,
And that is also true intelligence,
The sensitivity and close connection to reality.
I have always tried to see how things are true,
Because when I was about 6,
I could not understand how it was possible that I could be self aware,
So everything else became meaningless,
Until I could find the cause or how it came about,
And to do that I had to know every aspect of reality.

I am not suggesting that anyone undertake a task such as this,
Because there is no profit In it.
I have a 4th grade education,
And have had about 52 full time jobs since I was 16,
And I am now 26 and penny less.
Much of the understanding has been gained,
From what most consider undesirable situations,
Such as being freezing cold in Alaska,
Burning hot in the Nevada desert,
Dehydrated in the Arizona desert,
Fasting 14 days in the Florida keys,
Surviving off the land in the Oregon wilderness,
Etc… etc… or even homeless, as I am now in key west.

Not only is there no profit but one walks alone in the quest for truth,
Because most say that it is impossible to know everything,
So they give up and become more interested in the superficial surface of the totality,
And thus become only the superficial surface themselves,
because that is all they have allowed themselves to be aware of.

Either way really does not matter,
because they both seem to be an action of acquiring comfort internally,
and that is the environment where intelligence can function efficiently.
It just seems to me that exposure of all aspects of reality,
Builds a much more abundant resource of conflicts to be worked out.
If one is not resolving conflict,
Then one is not aware of conflict,
And thus is not moving.

I wonder if it is possible that the only real action is observation?
Or rather being aware of the current condition,
Of the what is that is there?

So to perceive reality accurately,
One must be calm and collected in thought,
That is not to be distracted in focus,
By the perceived conflict retained in memory.

Only when one is not occupied in resolving supposed conflicts in thought,
Can one perceive reality for what it is,
And not just a distorted image.
When one’s perception of the current state of reality is accurate
Then one can function efficiently and most effectively,
By extrapolating methods of manipulation from a clear and calm mind,
And that is also the real freedom,
Not the freedom of something,
But freedom itself,
Which is only action and not choice,
Because decision implies confusion between which is a more desirable path.

Recently I have devised a method of accepting reality as a totality,
Which is to look at everything as merely pieces of the entire puzzle,
That encompasses everything,
Even the everything is just one piece.

In this state of mind, one can see things as an observer,
Similar to looking down on a city from an airplane,
One is separated from being just a component of the mechanism,
But can still identify it’s path and functions.

If there is a way of understanding everything in it’s totality,
Then it seems likely that it would come from,
Taking the responsibility of this task solely onto oneself,
And not relying one someone else,
Such as the priest, the scientist, the guru, the government etc… etc…

I’m not suggesting that one deny another’s knowledge
But rather see it for what it is,
And not accept it as an answer,
Because life is a thing in motion,
And everything of the past is dead,
Including the answer.

Words are fragments that make reference to the external,
And there meanings are arbitrary in value.
Can one know something with words alone?
Imagine how difficult it would be,
To even describe a single palm tree in it’s totality using words.
So words are not the thing.
If one seriously seeks an understanding of reality,
Then one must take upon themselves complete responsibility,
And stand alone in between the mirrors that reflects,
Or rather expresses oneself,
And that expression is infinity in it’s nature.

I don’t care how wonderful or terrible,
The pieces think the entire puzzle is.
I just want to understand what caused self awareness,
To fall on this perspective and it’s effect if any.
It is the only real conflict I have perceived,
Everything else has no meaning,
Until I can figure out the cause of consciousness and it’s purpose.
I suppose the suggestion of cause maybe a misconception,
Because the fact is that it exists,
So it most likely has always been.
I will do whatever it takes to resolve this conflict,
Even if it means spending a 1000 years inside a mountain and underground,
Limiting my exposure to the supposed external,
So I can process and scrutinize every speck of data.
It would be nice though if I did not have to stand alone in this quest for knowledge,
However I have never met anyone who cares about what reality actually is,
And not what it should be.

But even that is one sided or just one deviated reflection,
because I think a more balanced view closer to being in between the reflections,
Would be to suggest that I’ am the world,
And thus the supposed they,
Is actually a divided expression of me,
The only difference being that,
Self awareness has gone ahead of itself,
And is landing on this form for a little while,
Because it cannot escape responsibility,
For the world it has created.

I will try to keep this perspective around as long as possible,
To remember what was,
And in that memory it will not be lost to the flow,
But rather become the flow itself as a totality,
Death rejuvenating life,
And life retaining the memory which becomes dead.

This is most likely my last transmission with the general public,
Before I go underground to limit my exposure to the external movement.
I have almost lost all hope in reasoning with the supposed external intelligence,
And I have seen very little redirection in the flow,
To something more whole and less fragmented,
However if one believes that dreams reveal conflict that must be resolved,
Then the future is going to get a little more interesting,
And perhaps there are still some people left,
Who are intelligent enough to realize that one is the world,
And as a totality nothing can be removed or added to it,
That is to say nothing new is created and nothing can be destroyed.
So one must take responsibility for what it is,
And to know oneself one must not deny anything,
Not even deny the denial,
But to observe it for what it is,
And not what one thinks it should be.
I had a dream years ago that started out at night time,
In the city built on lantern oil,
And I think I was walking through or staying,
At a hostel or a shelter of some sort,
There I met some people who recognized me,
And implied they were friends.
There was about 7 to 12 of them,
And they all had a infinity symbol tattooed on their left hand palm,
Of something that looked almost like a broken vertical infinity symbol,
Or chromosome inside a broken triangle.
One said to me that the lines of the triangle represent,
The everything, The nothing, And the infinity self awareness of them both,
As a mixed totality that is an entity of it’s own,
And the broken infinity symbol represents the never ending conflict of life,
To be more or less like the everything and the nothing,
And it is placed in the center because in every form of life,
The mixture becomes it’s balance between the two,
And that is what it is aware of according to it’s capacity to retain them.

I followed them out back into the alley,
Some of them were armed but I was not afraid.
They told me that they were sent,
To place the knowledge they gathered into time capsules,
For the future that will exist before the past.
I then found myself on the edge of a collapsed bridge,
Looking out into the distance I saw a statue of liberty,
And a city halfway submerged in the ocean,
Moments later I saw a mushroom cloud and a bright flash,
I then found myself inside some kind of massive nuclear fallout shelter,
That was also a small self sustaining city of very intellectual people,
I then walked down a corridor and down a dark rock cavern,
That was being lit up by lightning discharges,
I asked the man there what this place was called,
And he told me it was the infinity complex,
And that he brought me here from the time before time,
Which is the totality of the flow.
I felt as if I was him long ago before time.
I then woke up but ever since I knew that this was inevitable,
Since all possibility in eternity becomes an eventual occurrence.

I must formulate a plan to build this infinity complex,
So all will not be lost.

infinitytree dot org

Nothing is a nonexistent something demanded by minds of those who must have dualities.
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