The Loosely Organized Nature of ILP:

No Magsj. That comment wasn’t trolling. You don’t seem to understand what trolling is.
Seriously, go bother someone else.

I gave you an unofficial warning, but you don’t want to heed that, so it seems that you prefer official board warnings… are you self-destructive by any chance? as my request really isn’t that bad :confused:

Yeah, and I’m sure it serves an important function that is similar that of a philosophy classroom. It’s why I suggested one for on here and why I’ve thought of starting strings committed to particular book or even a particular philosophy podcast such as PhilosophyTalk or Philosophy Bites or even a philosophy journal such as Philosophy Now. It makes a difference when everyone has the same object in front of them.

I’d like to check it out. But, at the same time, I would prefer to do so when I’m actually reading the book myself.

Actually, I think I’m acquainted with Philosophy Forums as it may be the one I have on my MyYahoo. Unfortunately, I’m a little intimidated by it to the extent that it would be cause for the Vertigo of the Possible of knowing all too well how goofy I can get. Whereas you guys are kind use to it by now, and I can benefit from the assurance of it, I just think the atmosphere there might freeze me up -cut off the flows of energy. (That, BTW, is why I’m so goddamn addicted to this board.) But I hope to, in one of my “focus on writing phases”, to find the time to go on there and add something. I’m having a similar experience with the PhilosophyTalk blog.

This is my comfort zone. But, sooner or later, I do need to stretch out beyond it.

I was not trolling you and that accusation makes it look like you don’t know what trolling is. You’re just mad that I’ve exposed your ignorance a few times and you’re looking for an excuse to issue a warning. Do what you go to do.

Please post within ILP posting protocol… as per my initial DM request to you, and you have exposed nothing but your own inability to reason.

I’d be down, even to lead one as a teacher might. We could even skype up or do some other voice chat type thing if no one is too shy.

Of course. I get it you know? In real life you have to deal with frustration, here, if you look ignorant all you have to do is issue a warning.
I get it.

magsj thinks trolling is when a poster she doesn’t like makes a post she doesn’t understand or agree with

Oh really?

I would like to see the proof of that before I condemn Magsj to the hell of being too quick with her judgement?

Let’s have a court of peers to decide the court.

well she has banned me for a week for this very same “trolling”, and obviously volchok feels the same way

I am not against your cause, but what trolling did you do that gained you a weeks ban?

I didn’t, that’s the point. She mistook normal conversation for trolling and banned me.

If that makes you feel better then sure :confusion-shrug: but my request still stands - the same request to other posters has not been met with any objections, so it’s not me… it’s you :wink:


Captain, what philosophers or books do you know well enough to teach?

kant’s ethics, mill’s ethics, floridi’s information ethics, floridi’s epistemology/metaphysics etc, stuff like the dialogues of plato, digital media ethics texts would be fine, the meditations, loads of stuff surely. stuff on mind as well. mind and ethics are my strongest bits

Isn’t this perfect material for that story, Mag? The games they play that make no sense to people who authentically want to understand.

What Vol and Captain fail to understand is that it is an anthropology in which they are a particular kind of case study.

They act like there is a real Truth out there, beyond all reproach, and that bragging is the equivalent of it.

But why?

The benefit, the only one, we can get from it is peering behind the curtain and seeing the little man pulling the levers.

I’m sorry, was this meant to be anything other than patronizing? Am I supposed to feel anything other than contempt for your words? Is there any redeeming aspect to this post, or are you just trolling here?

To me, Vol (and his comrades) is a gift from God, or fate, or whatever you want to call it.

He is a study in falsity and manipulation,

and a bad representative of the analytic school and scientific method he claims to be a part of:

The odious by-product of Capitalistic values.

Anyway, Mag:

it’s been a pleasure looking at you as well as discoursing with you,

even if it has been in my mind.

Love ya, brother!