The love for the law

:-[size=150]What ever happen to the law? There has always been order and disorder. Laws now days seem to be for the rich and power hungry. Where did we the people lose the power of justice for the people. Todays laws lawyers judges and and their system seem to have been lost to the people…why? Where did we lose our justice system and how do we get it back? pljames[/size]k

Get a JD and practice indigent law.

Government and law have always benefit the powerful specifically after all it is their institutions that they have created for themselves in order to have the upper hand over everybody else.

It’s all weapons and tools of their monopolizing trade.

Their subjugation, slavery, and monopolization of others they fetishize by calling it politics.

As ideals morality and ethics are their biggest weapons at their disposal.

Think psychological warfare and mass hypnosis.

As a anarchist I say fuck em and their laws.