The Meaning of Life. Does life make sense?


You couldn’t define what you meant by Life in your own words?!

Spoken in Merriam-Webster/s terms, do you think that those human beings who have experienced Hurricanes Harvey and Irma would say that Life ~~ their Life ~~ has not become chaotic?
How would you measure things about now ~~ entropy or negative entropy?

Unless you see life from rose-colored glasses, you will see that Life IS chaotic, may be chaotic, can easily turn chaotic, life DOES turn on a dime.

You’ll find my own words below the Merriam-Webster quote. Please read it (again).

I was referring to thermodynamics.

I know this - it was self-explanatory.

But does that mean that Human life is not chaotic?

But the thread is: The Meaning of Life. Does life make sense.

It was ALSO addressing human beings.

Thank you.

This universe seems to require life.

Literally, life doesent ‘make sense;’ sense ‘makes’ life.

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In German it is said „Leben hat Sinn“ (“life has sense”), not „Leben macht Sinn“ (“life makes sense”). Though meanwhile and unfortunately, the latter is also possible.

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Is this a case of putting the cart before the horse? :-k

Got it there blogs up in this forum in the communication with Zinnat
The distinction in usage pertaining to meaning from ’ life has sense’ and ’ life makes sense’’ is interesting, and revolves around two orbits. One ’ in the sense’ of sensibility-in the former, and two in the perceivable coherence of what Russell called “sense data” for intelligibility.

There is a novel out there, which I haven’t read, named ’ Sense and Sensibility, I think by a woman by the name of Jane Austen, that may allude to the difference.

When You imply a regret for the use of the conjuctive ‘makes’ , instead of ‘has’, shows a German geneologocal tenet holding for praxis rather then process. That ,in turn implies the philosophical value underlying differance.

The plain in rain falls mainly in Spain? Naaaaaaaa.
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Arc, sorry to have pre-empted You, but maybe some of what was meant as to Your questions has some relevance
At any rate it may not be coming from the same source, or going toward the same type of conclusion.

Hi Meno,

Don’t worry about it. I do not see you as having pre-empted me.

Perhaps I might have used a different expression.
What I was implying there was that because THERE IS Life we see the Universe as actually requiring it. It’s like putting the effect before the cause.

Is there another expression for that?

The semantic relativity about it is one level of conscious effect that perhaps perscribes it, while revealing deeper levels of inscriptions; making descriptions almost literally poetic, in as much those levels are not usually available.(literally).

Perhaps this is, what Nietzsche bring out.

Can you point me to what Nietzsche said about the above? I would be interested.

Specifically no, but his use of aphorisms signify some effort on his part to express some state of belief which may not be available directly.

As far As that goes, an expert in Nietzche may perhaps have a specific aphorism which confirms this. I will try to find something in the interim.

I haven’t begin to look, but primarily the will to power shows a his attempt to overcome the differences alluding to the semantic structures implicit in textual representation of explicit Darwinian differences , where from his search for meaning.But will search, Arc for befitting aphorism [s].

Found one in ‘Will to Power’, s635; walter Kaufmann ed
it comes.closest in the dynamic between praxis and process that seems credible as an analogy.

It’s long and I have no capacity to transpose with a Samsung phone.

Is God the “sense” you are speaking of?

Maybe a higher power would be a better way to put it.

Phylo thanks for.the paraphrase.

Why? Are you afraid of the word “God”?