The Meaning of Life. Does life make sense?

But truth is not always deeper in art than in science.

[tab]Greetings from Spain:

Monument in memory of Pelagius (c. 685 – 737) at Covadonga, site of his famous victory:

Pelagius (Spanish: Pelayo, Asturian: Pelayu; c. 685 – 737) was a Visigothic nobleman who founded the Kingdom of Asturias, ruling it from 718 until his death. Through his victory at the Battle of Covadonga, he is credited with beginning the Reconquista, the Christian reconquest of the Iberian peninsula from the Moors. He established an independent Christian state (the independent Christian Kingdom of Asturias) in opposition to Moorish hegemony.[/tab]
Naturally, life makes no sense, because it has no natural goal. Or has it? Culturally, life makes sense, because it has a cultural goal - due to its soul.