the meaning of life

hello all .im posting a topic about what i think the meaning of life is to all people.i really cant say what that is except what i think it is.i have observed that people lose themselves every work day.i have found that life is about feeling every thing that you do and being content with it but to stay on that level is a hard feat.i belive that you have to do this to be happy witch i think this is called joy?a perminent happiness is joy,but how can you keep this achieved when it is so hard to feel every thing that you do at every momemt that you are alive?is this correct?

Well the meaning of life to me is the constant struggle for me to be better than I was yesterday. We could stay wishing we were children once again, and fear growing old and senile. But as long as we improve ourselves, I see no reason why we should worry.

The pursuit of happiness is alright, but what happens when you no longer can be happy? Better written, it depends what you consider happiness. If financial stability or material treasures is what you define as happiness, then you will be in for the shock of a lifetime if you were to lose it.

I rather not give another person the power to make me unhappy.

Jiddu Krishnamurti in Think on these things

Friedrich Nietzsche in Thus spoke zarathustra

Welcome to our humble abode sublimed69. The Gods are here also(attributed to Heraclitus). If i understand you correctly, you are saying that you can only be happy if you are conscious of every moment. I believe that both of these thinkers are saying that happiness is something like the Zen Archer. Recall that the archer who aims for the prize, misses the target, and the archer who aims for the target, garners the prize. It is the same with the prize of happiness, you only need to find your target.

Bertrand Russell also wrote a book called the conquest of happiness, i found it useful also.

Bobby Mcferrin said, “Don’t worry, be happy.”

:laughing: i think the quote from bobby pretty much sums it up

Obscure_Reality. You have reduced my moment of sublime profoundness to a singularity, sacrificing content to effect. :laughing:

Marshall wrote:

I have encountered the same thing in the game of love. When I am not looking for Mrs. Right, that is when I cross her path. But when I’m out there trying to meet a woman, there are none to be found. And when I have a girlfriend, it seems that dozens of women want me, but when I’m single I am undesirable. I call it the Force playing tricks on me.

Well, sublimed, I think that you assume the meaning of life is being happy. I guess you are right, because it’s the case for the majority of us. But for everyone happiness can be achieved in different ways and above it all happiness is very relative. Maybe it’s even egoistic in some ways to wish to be happy himself. By the way, I agree with Marshall McDaniel. It’s a very vivid example with the archer and I think everyone has expirienced it at least once in his/her life. “Conquest of happiness” is a wonderful book which helped me to understand the deeper sense of happiness and life at all.
In my opinion you can achieve happiness without doing anything, but only using your mind and imagination (also known as meditation).
That’s not the kind of happiness I am looking for. I desire freedom :wink:

Monkeys have roughly 98% of the same genetic structure as humans. If you want to decipher the meaning of life, go to the zoo, and watch some monkeys for a couple hours. You’ll have 98% of your answer.

To eat, sleep, and throw poop- that is the reason we live.

I used to think that the reason we were here was just to keep evolving until we reached a point in evolution that we can no long advance. A point where we are basicly bodies of pure energy.


Smooth said:

I agree, now that i’m with mr’s right i exude the happiness and sexy self-confidence that women crave. When i was alone i didn’t.
Matthew E. wrote:

So i would be happy jacking off on a hot rock in the sun?
xplicit^ stated:

What kind of freedom? Freedom from people? the encumberances of this World? Some merely define freedom as economic security. I don’t know. What do you think?

Jedi_Pockey. What is 42? unless it is 21X2.

Marshall McDaniel:
Basically, I mean freedom for myself. I am not really that altuistic to wish freedom for everyone, that is why I think of my own freedom in first place. But the situation in my life is not easy at the moment and I wish I could think clearly and just live in some certain peace.

I think that there is a great differenece between the purpose/meaning of life and living out a happy life. I belive the purpose/meaning of life is to be born survive untill breeding age, breed and then die so that the human race can keep evolving.

Of course this is not the way i think we should live our lives in any way. I also dont think that this is the key to happiness i just think that its the way nature wishes it could be.

I agree with Marshall on the way to lead a happy life. I belive his point was dont seek happiness it will find you.

Smooth, what you described is what i shappening to me right now. It kind of blew my mind, thanks.

no problem.

but hey, if the point of life it to breed, what do we do about our ever growing population problem? Where does that fit in?

I personally find a lot of aspects of breeding to be fun :laughing:

Freedom. The freedom to be yourself. Is freedom essential to happiness? I think it would be very hard to be happy without it.

Well, yeah!! I love a lot of the aspects of breeding. But lately I have been really thinking about how will over population affect the future of society. Wouldn’t that affect a person’s point of veiw on life if us humans are just putting too much strain on the planet?

Birth control (it shouldn’t just be for rich people anymore). Women in poor countries are being forced to bear children.

That makes no sense to me. If I was poor, and I couldn’t even afford to support myself financially, how in the world would I think I can afford to raise a child properly? I don’t know. Maybe I’m not putting myself in their shoes.

my opinion is that humans are nothing more then another animal on this planet but the problem is since we have a mind that can think not act, our mind is disrupted by our emotions (pride, lust, jealousy etc the “7” so to speak) and we act wrongly on these emotions. we have thumbs but with those thumbs we hold guns, press buttons on bombs, strangle innocents etc.

so to answer your question i believe the meaning of life is to eat, sleep and multiply. we’re slowly killing ourselves and the planet. we are a virus on this planet, nothing more, nothing less

this only applies to humans in general (people) though and not individuals (a person) at least that’s what i’d like to think

My point is:
I don’t anything, but freedom to be completely happy :slight_smile: