The meaning of life

Asking the meaning of life is a lot like asking what is the meaning of a tree.

A tree has many functions, it produces oxygen for instance. But what is the meaning of that?

Similarly, a person has many functions, he consumes oxygen. But what is the meaning of that?

Therefore, the actions are ends in themselves.

Meaning is derived from purpose, purpose is derived from essence.

School ended over 2,000 years ago.

If you interested in reading into the basic function of humans, you should read up on some Aristotle; Virtue ethics are real good.

Remember Einstein said that, “The difference between genius and stupidity is that, genius has its limits?” Well, I don’t quite agree with it because I feel in our world and the way it works, if genius is finite then stupidity will be finite too and we can even see a direct example from the survival instinct that kicks in right away, showing that stupidity is finite.

Moreover, I feel that it’s human genius that is finite, the universal genius is infinite and THAT’S the main reason why we can never know the entire mystery regarding the universe and life, particularly the meaning of life! Why? Because we can never become infinitely genius as that would be like becoming God and we can never become God and so we can never know the meaning of life protest :frowning:

Is it only me or does whitelotus annoy abobody else on here, i havent said so before but it seems that in every thread i check, he’s always there making his ‘smart’ comments.

Maybe you should try and have a discussion white lotus, is that not the intial reason you signed up in the first place?

I believe I have a valid point. Your one liner serves no purpose.

Hi P of R,
what are you referring exactly by using the word “meaning”? If you were to ask me what is the meaning of breathing oxygen I would say that it is necessary for our body to function.


but what is the use of breathing oxygen when you are going to die anyway?

Well, are you going to stop breathing because you’re going to die anyway?

that’s what some people say. everything is meaning less because everything will end.

but as I said. things are meaning in themselves.

and so far… no one has proven me wrong.

Does that mean we should not cherish our childhood or young age, just 'cause they won’t last for ever? My dear it’s the beautiful moments in our life that we cherish and we cherish them BECAUSE they go away or we would not cherish them at all.

When you go and see a beautiful concert, just 'cause it’s beautiful could you stand it that it goes on for ever? And if it did, would you find that meaningful?

My dear God has given us this life for some duration and the FACT that there is death is what makes it meaningful or it would lose all meaning. So thank God for the FACT.

I agree with BeenaJain. Things are meanings in themselves.

And if u didn’t breathe oxygen, would u not die sooner? So u tell us the meaning…

P of R,

To what extent do you believe things ‘are’ meaning in themselves?

What exactly are you proposing?


Pinnacle of Reason,
I never suggested anywhere that, “things are meaning in themselves” but you did that, so don’t try to make me look something I’m not ok? I said that the ABSENCE of things present before in our life is what gives them meaning in the present :smiley:

In my first post. I said, asking the meaning of life is a lot like asking the meaning of a tree.

Here I am comparing life to a tree.
Is that a valid comparison?

and what does “school” mean. never heard of that.

That i think is a valid comparison yes, our existense is no more of a mystery than that of a tree. I feel as though everything about my existence just is.

School is ‘high school’…basically. :wink:

I was quoting GCT

"Meaning is derived from purpose, purpose is derived from essence.

School ended over 2,000 years ago."

i what does school mean from this context?

And I am basically saying, when we found out the “meaning” of a tree, we’ll know the meaning of life.

Are you by any chance a Buddhist?

hehe. the simple answer is no.

But i am reading its philosophy