The mechanism

This is the entire mechanism.

First. Sexual stratification.

Women with no intention of reproducing only have sex with 1% of men before settling down with someone to reproduce with. This causes massive aggression in the human species.

Two: Approach escalation in a sex dimorphic species.

Women only consent to approaches (not all of them) but it’s the only thing that works. This includes escalating an approach or using ornate behavior. The amount of torture caused by this problem is staggering.

This all causes the no means yes problem. This species will die because of this problem. And horrifically.

I know for a fact that when bad things happen to me or anyone that it’s because of this problem.

Men are fed up with the women. Women are just pretty with no souls at this point.

Problem 4: Men get their wires crossed and think things like… “I need to destroy the species and torture others to get sexual consent from a woman.

Women get furious at men that point to the mechanism.

Personally. I don’t think any of you are sentient.

The mechanism should have been known from antiquity.

Women should always do first approaches to stop this problem.

Men can’t get laid if they don’t escalate an approach.

So when you’re working on this problem, you have to realize billions of people are mentally retarded.

Everyone throughout all human history.

Lorikeet would like this. Mental retardation is going to destroy us.

Imagine thinking you possess godly powers, and thinking that you’ve saved everyone, and then being oblivious to the fact that your ‘power’ is completely attached to the wordliness, and primitiveness of humanity and what you consider “beneath you”.
Hypocrisy? Idiocy? Who cares?

It disproves god and evolution.

Problem one disproves evolution.

All four problems disprove god.

Some people might want to know that.

Men who can get any woman in the world are saying the same thing……

That’s not including rap.

Obviously men are trying to communicate something.

If you take out the survival factor so that the woman has all her needs met, including no fear of temporality, what’s left for a man to hold over her head? He needs actual qualities. Good character.

Being witty may ignite the fire, but it’s just like good looks. It gets old after a while if there isn’t something more to it. If there’s something more to it, even the not-funny stuff can be beautifully hilarious.

This guy doesn’t seem retarded:

Wooken. Puh. Nub.

It’s an old Eddie Murphy skit on SNL.

Link to that. Because that’s not what I linked to, but I’d like to see it.

I want half.

lol jk

The skit is much longer….

Here’s a short of it.

Again Ichthus. I don’t believe in love, I believe in support.

Your bizarre one true love forever psychology violates the pleasurable exclusive access problem, the negative zero sum problem and the consent violation problem.

The irony is that this guy who seems to have a big heart to you, has no heart or wisdom.

Yes. He is retarded.

These guys are misogynistic and all the women went wild for them.

They’re trying to communicate something using pretty blatant code.

“Bitches and hoes”

So you’re not like that?

Maybe those problems you’re talking about are supposed to be violated? Wait a second…



This game sucks.

flips the table over

I can’t be corrupted because I don’t want to exist.

I can’t be blackmailed either.

I’m not playing the game.

“Don’t hate the player, hate the game”

Words from the ghettos.

There’s only one game I play.

To make my new realm.

All the other games are retarded:

I’ll tell you a story.

There’s this gorgeous batshit crazy woman who lives next door to me.

Her laundry machine was broken so she came here to use it.

She wore a really revealing tank top. I saw her nipple she was loading her laundry:

I saw her a couple days later and said, “you can slap me if you want, but it made my whole day to see you’re side boob”

She responded, “they’re just breasts”

I knew I could say, “well if they’re JUST breasts, show them to me”

I held my tongue though. I didn’t want to embarrass her.

Next time I saw her I decided to do a social experiment …. I told her it really hurt my feelings that she hasn’t showed me her breasts.

She stopped talking to me.

She always tells people she doesn’t want to be objectified …. But she dresses sexy to get attention.

Not that that’s wrong. I don’t judge her for that.

She told me a story of a man who offered her 200$ to masturbate in front her naked. I said good for you.

It’s not her that gets to me, it’s the sheer magnitude of hypocrisy men and women use that drives me to leave.

I’m so glad to hear you have a usable copy of her laundry machine.

And that you held your tongue.

Next time… Don’t try to elicit sympathy boobs. Keep saying what makes your day. Not just boobs. But throw in boobs again after a while.

Don’t do it if you’re avoiding the game you big liar.

If you don’t show you see her non-boob worth, you will get no boobs. But if you make her see her non-boob worth she didn’t even see herself… you get the whole shebang.

If you misuse that hack, you will suffer a suffering so great you will realize you never really knew suffering.


I proved the mechanism. I’ve known her 6 years. She considers me one of her best friends.

I don’t want pity sex. I’m just interested in how beings work. Unfortunately I’ve learned a lot of horrific things.

I know she’s still with my spirit because I’m protecting hers.

By being blunt I can find subtleties.

One thing that always interests me about human women is that they’ll go to nude beaches to show all of themselves to complete strangers, but to a friend ….

They won’t.

Again… you’re not seeing the person when you see their boobs.

Or their eyes… btw.

You friendzoned yourself when you requested pityboobs.

Only grown men get daymaker boobs.

Fortunately for both of us, I have neither.

Ahh…. All women in life are statutory rape to me.

hm. Sure. It’s like that.

You should write a song about it.

You’re out of line Ichthus. A women who shows anyone their boobs is speaking volumes.

Who. What. When. How. Why.

The mechanism is proven now. That’s good for you.

Also. You’re trolling me.