The metaphysical oneness of everything


I am a university student of psychology and philosophy. My studies have led me to a theory (that I came up with on my own, but take no credit for. I am sure it is not an uncommon philosophy) and I wanted to get some constructive feedback on it.

My idea is that scientifically speaking, everything is the same. Everything includes: you, me, the sky, buildings, everything.

An analogy I came up with is to think of a blank piece of paper. Our minds have written labels on the paper. Here is “You”, and over here is “me”. Yet these distinctions, while they do exist in our head, do not inherently exist on the blank piece of paper.

The implications of this theory are fairly far-reaching. Gone is the fear of death. Gone is the concern over the meaning of life. Gone is the question about the existence of God.

I believe that there is a very real possibility in the next 100 years that science will reveal this truth and shatter our illusions - just as it once revealed the truth that the sun does not revolve around the earth, or that the earth is infact not flat but round.

I’m not certain whether we will be able to see through the illusion as easily as we were able to see through these other illusions - but I think it remains a possibility, and a possibility that we should be willing to explore with an open mind.

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You may want to explain it in detail, because I don’t buy it at face value.

I suppose the idea first came to me as a solution to the problem of infinite regress; if a table is made up of wood, and wood is made up of atoms, and atoms are made up of nuclei, and nuclei are made up of etc. etc. etc. it would seem that there must be some material that is not made up of anything else. Of course (and I say “of course” with a great deal of hesitation), this is a logical impossibility. How can something physically exist without having the theoretical possibility of being divided into something smaller? Therefore, the next reasonable conclusion to me seemed to be that everything must be made up of the exact same kind of stuff (strings?).

The great mystery to me is what is the cause of this illusion. If the world is all the exact same kind of thing, why do we not see it as such? Why do we say that some things are different then other things if in reality they are not? I have no good answer to this question.

Read Immanual Kant… then read Arthur Schopenhauer. You would probably find it interesting. Although Schopenhauer’s World as Will and Representation is easier to read so you could start with him.

Some Hindu, Buddhist & Occult folks already believe in this sort of view, basically or relatively.
Basically at the root of it all, our true-nature is made of Akasha, clear empty space.
That empty clear unconditioned dimensional priori, at the root, is timeless and spaceless.
Because it’s timeless it’s not different from others; and because it’s spaceless it’s not separate from others.

So basically or mostly, you are reality, and reality is not an object or a specific time, it’s infinite and non-exclusive/non-isolated.

I have the same belief. Though I have no way of explaining it, it just makes so much sense to me. It’s not something I debate, nor do I want to. Some people while smoking salvia divinorum fully feel as though they are in many places at once. It happened to my cousin when he smoked it, and he said he then truly understood those physics books about relativity and the sort. It is a very comforting belief, and that fact alone is how many people have criticized it. I really need to do vocabulary enhancing exercises so I can really state what I feel.

One theory, CTMU, talks about this.

Read Spinoza’s Ethics.

Thats (one of) his arguments.

I went to and this was the first sentence:

(emphasis mine)

I have to wonder … does this have a creationist agenda?

I’m not so sure if I believe in these oneness theories anymore. I’m not sure how differences emerge from the primodial oneness.

As far as feeling all good about these, I can’t do that either. Even if we are all one, I still hurt and can still hurt you. Lifeless matter can crush or wash me away without remorse.

But anyway

check out

The Bhagavad Gita
Ethics - Spinoza
The World as Will and Representation - Schopenhauer
Anaximander’s Apeiron

But this is exactly what Schopenhauer says - that there is a oneness to the universe; a type of universal Will which we - and everything around us - are representations of.

He even says that our empathy towards other people - and even animals and plants - can be explained by this “oneness” of Will.

How can you not believe this, yet endorse it?

I’m just giving some reading suggestions on these type of theories.

Not really. And it doesn’t take away from his definitions which are pretty concise.

Spinoza was a ‘oneness’ kind of guy.

I believe that pure energy represents a kind of ‘oneness’, however the vibrations and effects of energy are what create the illusions of our world through ‘differential experiences’.

I’ll spare everybody the metaphysics for now though…