The Mind - Thought vs Feeling

Thought is a function of Feeling

What I mean by this, is that your thinking consciousness serves as a slave to the more primitive aspects (parts which evolved earlier) of the brain such as emotions, pleasure, and sensation.

The mid-brain (the part responsible for emotion, pleasure, and reward) is essentially a filter between the fore-brain (the part responsible for consciousness, contemplation, problem solving, and thought) and the rest of the world.

Activity in the fore-brain is the direct result of stimulation received by the mid-brain. The mid-brain, in a sense, “tells” your fore-brain when the mid-brain has a problem that it needs the fore-brain to solve, and then the fore-brain sends its response back through another part of the mid-brain which filters the response before sending it to the rest of the brain to produce a motor response.

Depending on what emotion you feel (whether it be happy or sad), the decisions your consciousness make will be uncontrollably swayed with bias.

This implies that the phrase “Mind over matter” is only true for problems your mind has made itself - such as anxieties, inaccurate conclusions, a lack of confidence, and low self-esteem.

This seems like it should be common sense, but it is all too often undermined as a principle factor of our own mind

To think that my mood, thoughts, and feelings all rely on the availability of neurotransmitters really defeats the concept of “free will”

Thought is related to the past. Feelings are manly unconscious.

But if you are feeling a certain way, then all your thoughts will be filtered through that feeling and some which contradict the feeling will not rise to conscious awareness.