The Most Advanced Game Technology

I don’t know if this has become news in the US yet, but:
It’s about a new software microsoft is planning on implementing for the xbox to increase sales. It’s the most amazing and certainly the most complex interaction I’ve seen by any software. It recognizes the user through the scanner so as to make a virtual model exactly like the real person, it talks to and responds back to statements by the user and recognizes emotions, it even makes the links between virtual and real life models (when she gives the character the paper with the drawing). I am absolutely blown away by this. The level of sophistication is truly awe inspiring. Xbox is also forging links with Facebook and Twitter. I can’t begin to imagine what the social implications of this kind of product would be. Make a virtual model of yourself to keep granny company? Absolutely and utterly awe inspiring.
The youtube is cut short by about 30-40seconds so you’ll need to go to the BBC link if you’re interested in seeing the paper exchange.

Wow. Tamatogochi has come a long way.

You could say that.
Sony’s got their version although I’m curious as to whether you’d need a separate “step detector” type of pedal device to move around ingame in addition to that stuff:
It just goes beyond my belief to realize that in 15 years we’ve gone from DOS command based interfaces to fully modelling real life interactions and physics in a highly complex virtual world.

Which is why we have to live forever.

I just hope software houses and hardware manufacturers will not stop developing software and hardware for hardcore gamers.

[size=95]“Once spirit was God, then it became man, and now it even becometh populace.”
[Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra, Of Reading and Writing.][/size]

I’m not so impressed by the technology, but I can see myself really enjoying the mood recognition software. I could see myself becoming friends with a character that can recognize my mood. That could be fun.

The Sony device could easily be used by hardcore gamers Sauwelios, as demonstrated by him holding the virtual gun. I just hope there isn’t any campaigning by people who think the video games make people violent. If there’s no video game, it’s a life of abuse and neglect that led the kid to go insane. If he also played video games, well then, nevermind the ongoing apathy of the parents towards the kid, it’s the game that made him do it.

Wilson, are you actually not impressed by a software that recognizes your moods, talks with you and responds to your reactions, scans your room and turns real things into virtual objects with which you can interact? That’s either an extremely cynical statement or it’s just not true.

I can’t believe I didn’t think about this before.

How long till the above soft/hardware goes pornal…?

I mean hell, replace kid with internet-shareware rip of angelina jolie + suitable body-double for the, ahem, gynacological bits, add a fleshlight and, Bob’s your uncle:

The ultimate porn tamatogochi.

OMG. :astonished:

We’re looking at another lost generation in the making. that’s it, I will burn my computer tonight.

it’d get old and tiring after a while

i’d probably just want the controller back

also, it’d be cool for parties at least