The Most Annoying Member to a Message Board

And the voting begins. The nominee’s were posted, and voting goes from now until August 1st. Here is the link:
The Most Annoying Member to a Message Board

And the nominees are:

BMW-Guy of TalkForums
Warrior Monk of I Love Philosophy
Phrygianslave of I Love Philosophy
JJJ, formerly of I Love Philosophy, now of XXI Affiliates boards
Swatch of zebuxoruk
Top Mosker of Philosophy Forums
Nostalgia of Dreams for Sale
Draconii of Dreams for Sale

As written on my post on TMR:

While I’m at it, I should say that the nominations are also taking place for the featured message board member for July. So far the nominees are:

magicstik from the Auset Ausar Productions for his thoughts on a Race War

Princeps Augustus from Dreams For Sale for his thoughts on a Republican runned Federal Government in the U.S.


Polemarchus from I Love Philosophy for his thoughts on sources for a common morality

vote for your faviorites or nominate new people. You know where.

Phrygianslave is in the lead by 60% of the votes. Please keep in mind that this is a multi-board campaign. We have members from at least 6 message board communities, and they all say that Phrygianslave is by far the most annoying message board member on the net. Well the voting is far from done. Will be back with more updates.

Hey Smooth,

Excellent post!

Would it be annoying of me to ask that you call me by my full name please?

Phrygianslave the Wise

Thank you

not at all!!! :slight_smile:

I wasn’t the one that nominated you, I nominated Warrior Monk. I shall cast my vote towards the end of voting. I’ll make the change right now.

The thread detailing this isn’t a poll yet. If it twas, I would register and vote, but it isn’t so I can’t.

stamps foot

Oh there were and are so many…I know cause I think I dealt with every single one of them.

Mr. Lee was definitely up there on the list.

Natsilicious is also definitely on the top of the list for me.

Um…who else…that dude from the buddhist message board, I can’t remember his name.

Clementine, I know she was a favorite for a few members, but once I got talking deep into a topic with her she became…well I don’t want to get into here, she’s not here to defend herself.

Presently, you gotta put Monooq up there, there’s no questioning that, atleast for me.

An Imaginary Man


I think its a toss up between Warrior Monk and JJJ - the comments from these two I will never forget. They have my number one rating for a few things that I wish not to mention here.


Phrygian Slave the Wise


And the list goes on but I don’t feel like going through 1344 posts to see if there are others I missed…sorry.

What’s your take?

Gate Control, we are still nominating. I’ve nominated those three.

Gadfly, that dude from the buddhist board isn’t going to be placed on the list but Monooq, An Imaginary Man, Hadj, Mr. Lee, Natsilicious and Clementine are now nominated for featured message board member for the month of July.


Mr. Lee is he from ILP?

while Natsilicious and Clementine are very good choices, they haven’t posted within the last 30 days to qualify for the month of July. Now posted on TMR are the new nominee’s with quotes that I thought were good. Alot of the people voting are from other boards and would have no reason to vote for them.

That would be de’trop, without a doubt.

I love that guy.

wow Smooth. I made the top of your list. That is telling. Of course, I’m just waiting for Rafa to stop by and pronounce me the most annoying. :smiley: :laughing:

I know this hasn’t to do anything with this thread, but Smooth, why are you changing your avatar pic on a regular basis? :wink: anyway, this one kind of seems the nicest.

I’ve always thought Nanook was just a bit more obtuse.

Just changing the Avatar in respect to the new skills I have just acquired of graphic design. I make around 14 different sets of Avatars and Signatures. I offer them to the people that join TMR. But I just keep making these things. I got so many cool one’s that I don’t have enough people to give them out to. So I change mine ever so often.

These are but a few of my favioirtes:

I made this one for The Underground Man, and these are real pictures of New York I took when I came back from boot camp.

and the full picture of Dr. Satanicals. I had so much fun with this one, I got easily inspired. He’s a great guy.

I am slowly working on something for a few of the members here. Just for kicks, and I doubt that they will use it.

I’m far from a Pax or Nostalgia, but those two are whom I’m trying to meet up with.


Somewhat of a tread jack, but wern’t you going to do one for me at some point?

were you going to send me a pic for it? Oh well, no problemo… go to TMR, it’ll be there this afternoon. There’s a board called Graphic Arts. Oh, T King I have one for you too.

Smooth I love the new avatar and sig you got, is that your baby?

I wanted to thank you again for the avatar and sig you made for me, I really like it. :sunglasses: - this is in reference to an avatar and sig I have on TMR.

hehe :slight_smile:

thanks. No, it’s Snugz’ neice.

I’m impressed with your craftmanship smooth…keep it up

aww, thanks!

and I would like to take this time to welcome back Magius. It is good to have you back. Well, at least in name.

Anyone that advertises their own philosophy website here, is in my opinion, part of the growing crowd of most annoying posters.