The Most Annoying Member to a Message Board

my site isn’t philosophy… I should stop huh?

Thanks Smooth,
with my change in attitude and my ability to take/accept annoying people or simply ignore them, along with re-established communication lines with Ben, I see no more need for Gadfly of ILP. Moreover, I wasn’t even listed as one of the most annoying people on this message board. So back to Magius I go!


What’s your take?

Polemarchus (ILP)
Princeps Augustus (DFS)
MagicStik (AAP)
Mr. Lee (Ask Magius)
Monooq (ILP)
An Imaginary Man (ILP)
Hadj (ILP)
Free Born Angel (TMR)
JJJ (TMR’s very own)

voting should stop August 6th, so place your votes!

So as it seems, the voting may begin! These are the nominees for the featured message board member for the month of July.

Place your votes here!!

and this Sunday voting for the most annoying message member stops.

news flash: JJJ has the lead with two votes, to everybody elses’ 0 votes. And Polemarchus’ one vote.

1 vote for Smooth please.

lol~~ that’ll be the day! :smiley:

bahh Magisterludi is a grinch, fuck him.

You’re just jealous I didn’t vote for you.

[size=150]And the results are:[/size]

phrygianslave the wise is the most annoying member of any message board!

and Polemarchus is now the Featured Message Board Member for the month of July!!!

Believe it or not JJJ, Free Born Angel and Polemarchus were tied for two weeks. With some encouragement Basta came up and broke the tie.

You could see what has been written here:

Click on the thread happily marked: Polemarchus!

"And the results are:

phrygianslave the wise is the most annoying member of any message board!"

Don’t I get a prize then?

you know what… maybe not a prize. But definite recognition. Do you have any pics you can email me?

In true solipsist fashion, from my perspective, i must vote myself [Marshall McDaniel] the most annoying member that i know at ILP. He never studies, gets disgruntled at times, and sometimes makes bad decisions…

Noone even mentioned Kurt Weber. I am disappointed.

the same fella with the subber quote “Capitalism: The Only Moral yadda-yadda-yadda” or some such gibberjabber crap?

HEY MARSHALL!!! What up dawg? hehe

Kurt Weber… I haven’t seen him in ages… did he get banned?

No, he wasn’t sarcastic, he just had, probably still has, a bad case of tunnel vision. Ayn Rand is the love of his life. I am glad that i graduated from that class. I have read almost all of her books, she is too superficial. She reads almost like marketing and politics rather than philosophy.

What up Dawg. I take it from your response to She’s chess thread here that you resign your game of chess. How’s the Earth Game Scenario going? If you keep it up, you’ll catch up to me in number of posts. Can you make me a picture like you did for Magius? A good quote for it would be: “Spirit is life, which itself, cuts into life.” Friedrich Nietzsche. I keep that quote on my computer desktop. You are the entreprenurial wizard! I’m still reading the Marquis De Sade’s 120 days of Sodom.

Yep Hermes the thrice great, same dude, his argumentation was often eclipsed by other members here.

I’m sorry, but I think you have missed the greatest jerk on the Board.

What’s with this “My Real Name” guy? (Stupid name for starters.) Is he some kind of effing medievalist? I thought his kind of thinking was supposed to have died five centuries ago! What is this hylomorphoosits stuff anyway? And why is he always trying to answer modern questions with obsolete philosophy? I try to ignore him myself.

Seriously peeved,
A Boardmember

Yeah He was sleeping with my daughter. Let’s cut his nuts off!!

No need to thank him – he’s past the days to be a castrati anyway.

I fear this may be an abelard allusion gone awry