The Most BIZARRE Version Of Christianity Ever Seen


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Those pictures are disgusting.

Yeah. :confused:

so future Neptunian’s are covered in blood, what about those poor aliens from the constellation of Orion lols.

in other words what about other intelligent life? the rest of the universe perhaps are damned with no hope? :wink:


Any (seemingly) intelligent life not covered by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ are probably philosopher’s zombies, if the relevant concepts in SC are true. Aside from this bizarre possibility, I honestly don’t know. :confused:


ha, nice, i like that idea.

maybe anyones blood given in such a way has the same result ~ given that christ was an ‘anyone’ who became christ perhaps. the only way i can see it is if these things are universal i.e. that any alien inc human aliens can bestow the lords truth upon a world. maybe there are different types of christ [even on this world alone] e.g. the buddha, why does one have to be above another when it is all freely given to those who can hear. i have no problem with christ being a lords messenger given that any can do that and christ is an anyone who did.


[b]Thanks for your input, Q.

I suppose that when it comes to metaphysical hypotheses like Christianity or the “Superchristianity” presented above, what (if true) is the actual, objective truth of the matter, as opposed to our speculations of what is “true”----is anyone’s guess.

Something that I’ve often wondered about:

If something is imagined within the mind, is it necessarily false? If so, why? Might not an act of the imagination, if that which is imagined is nevertheless logically possible, coincide with an invisible aspect of reality? If so, then whose imagination “wins the lottery” and coincides with (invisible) objective reality?

(David J. Chalmers gives an excellent account of this conundrum and proposes a coherence between imagination and logical possibility in his paper: Does Conceivability Entail Possibility?)

Case in point:

Perhaps (if God exists and the relevant concepts are true), the sacrificial blood of Christ (common Christianity holds that there a supernatural power in the physical blood of Christ that forgives sins, allows a person into heaven, etc., with Christ’s blood being, of course, superior to animal blood believed to temporarily forgive sins for the previous year) is universal, in the sense that everyone has the blood of Christ, regardless of whether or not the person is terrestrial or extraterrestrial. This would make for another “mutant strain” of Christianity from the norm.

Then again, suppose the bible is correct and the only blood (psychic rather that physical “blood” within SC) that forgives sins is that of the Original being himself. Christ could only be another messenger, but then again, he may indeed, in the objective sense, be the ONE.[/b]

hi j,

all things are equally real, you have taught me that the truth is a matter of relevance to the subject and never direct. equally nothing can arise in the mind without any basis whatsoever! hence any imaginations can have a degree of truth relative to the source of original info input.

just add a sprinkling of infinite and universal intelligence to which we may also derive truths.

if you also inferred mental archetypes deriving from angelic source, then my personal opinion is that we can be taught by such ‘visualisations’ but they are in my experience always metaphoric. i am unsure if this is due to desire on the part of the angelic source or if it is simply that the godly realm of thought is prior to the human realm of thought [in the same way as gnosis and human concepts].

interesting point, inventors are often racing to reach a truth or an idea, then one gets it. this is the same with musicians who wake up one morning with the song in their heads. my opinion is that it is not a lottery, it goes to where it belongs ~ to he who deserves it or more likely to he whom it is a part of their continuum.

this is what we druids call the awen [spiritual inspiration] / | .

it is i believe the very same thing we are talking about when considering the prime intuition or gnosis and the prior conceptual to the manifest idea. weather or not this source or essence is infinity, the awen, the tao or god is quite another thing.

when i spoke of jesus just so happening to be jesus, i had a far bigger picture of that in my mind as to what was portrayed in my words. each of us are very special and unique, we even have our own infinity and eternity [we are our world], jesus is a very big character and ‘presence’, one of or the greatest mankind has seen. i am sure he existed and that what he was is enough to make him as great as is needed. if i converted to christianity i would invent something called ‘real christianity’.

if the river flows from god then of course ~ good point! i would feel a little unfortunate if i were an alien that had no son of god in his history, nor a bible. it strikes me that we should search for a more universal truth, perhaps that ‘gods’ blood flows through all creatures veins, as does his truth. there are probably billions of bibles out there of one variety or another, and a the same in terms of learned men. jesus though is one of a kind whatever his relationship to god, it may be so that simply by being him he formed a spiritual trinity with god [or advanced to that].

the bible is not 100% correct.


Druid, eh? Interesting.

[b]It all comes down to what one believes v.s. the objective truth of the matter. I’m a bit leery of the thought of being only a genetic experiment of alien lifeforms myself. We all have our opinions of Jesus, God, theism, Nature, etc. but in the end it will be just what it is, regardless of our beliefs (that’s the appeal of the non-empirical).

Superchristianity, as presented above, is a metaphysical and logical possibility that in a very special way (as one will see if and when I get around to posting Part Two) depends upon empirical verification in order to at least imply it’s truth. But in the meantime, we’re all just hashing around nonsensory possibilities. Perhaps you are right, perhaps I am, perhaps someone else is right all along. It’s in there somewhere, or not.[/b]

[b]Right. Doubled in brass. My own personal belief is that the English translation of the Bible has been tampered with by men who wished to suppress the truth of the original writings, with God forcing (so to speak) the truth to exist in “this” translation (in whatever form) of the Bible in the parts that actually count. Intuition and revelation takes care of everything else. So I agree with you there, but for my own reasons.

Thanks again, Q. See you on Monday after Hurricane Ike pushes it’s way past Texas. :confused: [/b]


Those pictures are to be glorified for all of eternity, who is inferior enough to worship a dying God?


as is the arch bishop of Canterbury lols

i don’t think we are alien experiments, just that all life is equally sacred [and not as it were [when we consider most life is food for another etc].

or we are all both right and wrong in the given contexts. an empirical view would surely lead us to the idea that religion exists outside of the earth ~ given that life does.

i would challenge any version and the latter ‘opinions’ brought about by paulism & the council of nicea etc. i don’t know the bible that well, but i know that it can only be an interpretation of {gods} truth [which is itself naked], the literal version is at times a complete nonsense, the metaphoric interpretation [as god is a metaphoric reality, at least to ours] is however most profound. i only hope that it is accepted before christianity wanes and dies [over the next few hundred years].

i say that even though i am a druid and hence other religions make no difference to me except as a contrast. i just think the world would miss something if it were to leave us.

good luck with the hurricane!



Thanks. We missed the hurricane, in a sense, as we live so far inland (Austin)–as opposed to Houston and Galveston, which took the brunt. Nothing but a lot of wind and cooler weather here. :sunglasses:

Double lives double religions. Figures. God knows there are many theories as to the secret religions of political figures here in America.

[b]Perhaps we are all both right and wrong. Hence the mystery inherent in “what’s really there”. An empirical verification (verification through personal experience) of the truth of a religion would convince the skeptic, but for everyone else, faith is it’s own verification.

Karl Popper wrote that any scientific theory must be capable of being falsified by experience. Many religious beliefs are unfalsifiable (given that many religious beliefs do not require perception by the five senses for their truth). My view is that despite the fact that most religious beliefs fail Popper’s criterion for science, they are not ipso facto false for all we can know.[/b]

It’s a good thing to challenge any version of Christianity. Even the Bible states that it is good for a man to “search to see if these things are true”. Unless the end of the world comes and we have an actual (simulated) theophany of Jesus and/or God, Christianity will survive as long as there are humans that still believe it and pass it on to their children. However, there remains the worry that the only surviviing “religion” that remains in the distant future is atheism (in which “Nature” or “Mother Nature” is the god of choice).

Until next time,



i wonder why don’t people on the coast build their houses out of 4ft thick concrete. hmm on stilts too lols.

i think there is a drive to unite the two religions here ans it is made public, the largest order has loads of christians in it [the majority]. i find it quite annoying, i don’t think there is anything wrong with either religion so why try to mix it all up. not to mention that they are worlds apart in just about every detail bar their inner truths of course.

as i see it the beliefs concerning the knowledgeable data are falsifiable, the inner truth as like the truth of what we are, is though beyond perception and observation, because such things are a secondary nature of mind.

i hope so, historically everything changes ~ thats where i am coming from. atheism wont win through for sure, its just a temporary glitch. hmm i do however believe that either side is unprovable, there is something inherently secretive about truth.

yup, until laters mate.

This is just an insanely dumbed down version of christianity. it’s probably used by missionaries.


Really? Christians today actually teach that the blood of Christ is ultimately mental (with the physical shedding of blood a mechanism that activates the mental sacrifice) in aspect and that Christ assumed the identities and shared all the negative experiences of every human being within the span of human existence? Hmmm. Didn’t know that. :-k


I think it’s a matter of “when the cat’s away, the mice will play”–in the sense that Hurricane season only comes around in August and early September (don’t quote me). Then again, finances may play a role.

Then again, one can mix in a little paranoia and suspect that people hold double religions for secretively nefarious reasons.

I agree.

Atheism, if one follows the logical rabbit hole all the way into Wonderland, takes more faith than religious belief. (Working on a new thread for ILP that will show this). It relies heavily upon naive realism [b](the belief that the world that we perceive is the thing-in-itself, rather than the fact that the world that we perceive is actually only a virtual reality simulation of the world itself—which we have never experienced nor can experience), with which it pulls a nasty “sleight of hand”. Naive realism carries atheism far, until one stops, turns around, and begins to think philosophically.

Once you defeat the false perception of naive realism, you can call atheism on the almost supernatural luck it relies upon to explain why we have brains that just so happento produce (and how does it produce it in the first place?) a more or less accurate replica of a world that exists beyond the scope of anyone’s ability to perceive it(???) :astonished: Takes a quasi-religious faith to bridge the gap, doesn’t it?

At any rate, I agree. Both sides are unprovable, and to quote David Chalmers: “I do not know if the Creation Hypothesis is true, but then again, I do not know that it is false. It is coherently conceivable, thus I cannot rule it out.”

You probably can say the same for both sides (atheism v.s theism/Judeo-Christian theism v.s non-Christian religion etc.).

Heh. Like that last sentence: “there is something inherently secretive about truth”. I agree. There’s so much hiding behind our perception of reality that we’re left out in the dark about.


hi J

interesting do you think there is something going on? i read an article in the new york times about it, apparently it caused a lot of commotion over there. i know some of the members high up in various orders and i think their take is that it gets more people into druidry, so they accept it thus. from what i gather the christian element wants to get greener and more in touch with the earth.

[forgive me if i have already said this] another of my theories is what i call ‘noddegamra’ [armageddon backwards] where instead of their being a climatic battle between good and evil, the opposite is happening where religions and beliefs are all getting mixed up in the cosmic/societal blender.

that relies on empiricism ~ subjectivism specifically, which i thought we had already shown to be questionable. perhaps atheism fails more in its own limitations ~ it refuses to see anything more than the material, and wont accept that the material arises from the immaterial. somehow it sees the universe as ‘all-time’ where we have a load of events kinda just sitting there.

the brain is a bunch of chemicals like little batteries which produces electricity but how do electrons perceive! i can see how brains etc develop via evolution but what makes evolution happen eh. everything can be reduced to patterns and trees of knowledgeable items, so our reality map is largely based on universal principles. we can show how the brain may accept misinformation or just plain false info, but i think we can show that most of it is real info which can be directly traced to its source.

thanks, i am quite good at those one liners eh. i love paradoxes, it seams they run right through reality. we could probably debate its intricacies for ever and the paradox would remain.

btw. if your matrix theory is correct, i wonder if it applies to god too ~ i mean how can god know his environment any more than we can? even if we say that he is the whole of reality, as soon as he percieves anything of that, he would be subject to the same subjective interpretations as anything else which can percieve. :astonished: :slight_smile:

btw2. i am thinking of doing a ‘pagan druidry VS all’ thread soon, may be interesting eh :smiley:


I did know that…

However, christians teach many things…


[b]Haven’t disappeared. :slight_smile: Working on another article. Read your posts and will respond soon.


hi J

thats good to know, i am working on another theory [a non pagan one lols] so maybe our ideas can meet in the middle. forget answering all my stuff and we can move on to the next level eh! my mind is in such a quagmire about it all, one minute paganism makes complete sense then monotheism, then universalism. i must concede to myself and others that i am only on a journey, hence nothing i write is the end product, but are just ingredients in the mix, so please excuse any intrusions.


quetz :slight_smile: