The most important thing in Life

What is the most important thing in Life?

  • Pleasure (any type of pleasurable things)
  • Wealth (to have money and be rich)
  • Honor (to have others look up to you)
  • Relationships (to have a family, love, friends)
  • Divine (to have a connection with God)
  • Power (to have the power to control other peoples lives)
  • Material Objects (to have objects and posessions)
  • Study (to have a good education)
  • All of the Above
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Today’s poll question deals with what the most important thing in life is. What is the purpose behind living? What thing do we live for the most?


if you say honor and dignity I would have voted for it. I went for study instead.

To crush your enemies,
see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women.

Hermes, don’t forget, “…to hold to your chest their wives and daughters”!

Actually, i’m being a good Scholastic/Thomist today. Relationship with God is most importent – in this and the next life.

Do we judge ourselves based upon how others view us, or based upon how we view ourselves.

You do not have my choice. Mine is truth-- meaning one must live and act by always staying true to oneself. By living and remaining faithful to ones own principals is what I’ve come to find to be most important.

I feel the most important thing in life at a given point in time is to - get your heart’s desire. However, this desire as soon as it is achieved it changes, either in intensity or kind, so we desire more or something else then. If you have money, you want love, if you have love, you want money, if you don’t have peace of mind then that’s uppermost in your mind, to get peace of mind, etc. Therefore, since we are never satisfied with what we have, there is not one most important thing in life, it’s several things. But at any given point in time, what our heart desires then, is the most impotant to us in life.

but surely desire can’t be reallyyy the most important thing in life. for example, when a person desires money at a given time, he may try to acquire money by some means that will loos him dignity and honor, relationship, indeed many things that was put in the poll. surely you don’t want to commit yourself to saying that fulfilling a heart desire, for example a pretty girl that you see, by kidnapping her, is what you want to do because it is the most important thing in your life at that given moment. you don’t want to commit yourself to saying that kidnapping and raping the girl is over and above all the other moral values that you have.

to love and to live…
the others may be important, but to love and to really live… beyond doubt…


Probably the best one I liked so far.

But I would have to go with Life itself. Just the opportunity of life is so important. Be content with who you are and what you have.

To be poor, unknown, and virtuous.

My first thought was: most important to whom? Isn’t this more about personal taste than absolute importance? Can there BE absolutes when it comes to value judgements? Certain things are important as they pertain to certain goals or desires. But I question the idea of absolute importance. That would require an absolute goal, or a best goal. And I think such a thing isn’t arrived at via logic…but via subjective choice, so it’s different for everyone. Sure, there may be a pervading thing, collectively, that most would find important, just like most of us like chocolate better than vanilla. But that’s not really philosophy. (Unless you daresay that all virtuous men like chocolate. Go loosen your toga, you sound very early greek.)

Having said all that, I think the most important thing is happiness. This, of course, is a meaningless statement. Happiness = a,b,c…ad infinitum.

Aah Hermes, you do speak truth ! The good 'ol days !

the problem is, that we don’t know who really our enemies are nowadays!!!

I voted for All the Above because I believe that when it comes to true happiness and purpose in life, such a thing is not numerically one. Only a combination of all the factors above creates a truly happy person. But that requires a lot of balancing around because as a human being you can not have everything you want at all times. You have to sort of find a balance between those things mentioned above. A perfect balance and enough of each (in some form of order of importance) will keep a person happy.

Lasting Happiness. This is what all men seek. Virtue is defined as those actions which result in lasting happiness. Vice is defined as the deficient or excessive behavior which is not Virtue and which does not result in lasting happiness So I would say that lasting happiness as the result of a virtuous state of character is what is most important in life. Developing habitual virtue such that it is one’s very nature to act in a virtuous manner. This results in lasting happiness.

I disagree with pleasure. This is self indulgence. Catering to ones desires. Many men choose this sort of slavish life, and they follow the example of many in high places and many famous men. They become self-indulgent men. But it does not lead to lasting happiness. They become the slaves of their own desires and thereby lose that very thing that they seek. As we behave, so we become. It is inevitable. A state of character once formed tends to repeat those actions by which it was formed.

None of the above.

The most important thing in life is survival

no “ethics/to live a good life” option? Or, how about karma?

I agree. Thats what life is. Its even more fundamental than ‘experience’ as Mr Gadfly suggested. Experience is also life, but it is only possible with survival at its base.

But then how can you survive without a desire to survive? Well, in terms of being a human…

And getting what you desire gives you pleasure.

Which is why I voted for pleasure.

And this involves having a high quality of life as well as being alive. The best sort of being alive!