The most important value is what

I tried to phrase this as a statement while still asking a question and obviously did a bad job. But I want this to be in the philosophy section and not in the hall of questions. After all philosophy isn’t much else besides the art of establishing values. And ultimately, it is the art of discerning value-establishment in its naked form.

Usually we are given a list of principles like this to choose from.


I am curious, can this list be added to indefinitely?
What is missing on this list?
Can there any value-formula that encloses all good things to a human, or does every term necessarily imply a contradicting and complementary value?

Another list would be like this:

absence of pain
an occupation

Can this list even be seen in the same context as the other.

The last list is more physical than mental.
To make a complete human value list all cultures would have to be impartiality fully known and understood. We tend to be very partial to our own. We would have to start with the one value all hold, frankly I am not sure what that is.
Primitive cultures to the highest must be included. What is the one value that Amazon tribes have that is in the most civilized culture?

Its best to start with valuing oneself.

To know what subsequent values to have one must first know oneself. To do so its necessary to have consciousness and intellect to create self consciousness and courage to avoid delusions.

So to start:

--------Knowledge of self

Generally, one’s self is that which strives to distinguish itself among otherness, to perpetuate itself; through memes, through a longer life for itself and those related mimetically/genetically to it, and through reproduction.


From there we only need to expand the present sublevels.

The most important value is certainly wisdom.
To be more precise, it is wishing the welfare and betterment of all, including oneself.
And, to be wise, one must have both knowledge and right intent.
If one wants to choose even between these two, i would put intent ahead than knowledge.

with love,

i may put aesthetics of beauty above wisdom and even love. For lover worthiness has to be discerned and wisdom too, uses the rules of perspective, context and depth. We have to be objective about values and aesthetic distance defines all of the above.

I value life.

Current Homosapian’s eternal harmonious existence (but not exclusively homosapian).

Awareness / Experience / Existence


Involvement / Connectedness

From this would follow that the most important value is particularity. I’d agree with that.

Power! Unlimited power! :sunglasses:

Add that to your list.

First is decided what type of knowledge one is able to carry.

I would place courage directly with self-valuing. If we separate courage from recklessness, courage virtually equals health.

Yes, good.

Wisdom: knowing the consequences of ones acts.

The wisdom of the love of all is a particular wisdom.

One must first gain knowledge of true intent before one can have right intent.

A wise choice.

I value this judgment above all others.
It is the most courageous one, the creators love.

The best value is to be able to value…to judge, to discriminate, to discern.

Yes - essentially that is our aesthetic sense, or rather, our aesthetic sense is the horizon of this discerning power, this ability to exert oneself with respect to consequences.
The horizon does not culminate in the present but in the apex; our valuing midheaven is the summit of the potential contained by an aesthetic horizon, circumscribing an area within which we are able to make sense, interpret in terms of our self-value. A self-valuing in time (mortal, animate) will seek to create beyond itself, be this interior, exterior, self or other oriented work. It is mortal because in this way it is able to value beyond itself.

Valuing beyond oneself is required to value everything, and that in turn is required to value what one is in terms of all the consequences, which is what we’re heading towards; perhaps infinitely deep (always with bursts of disintegration, three steps forward, two steps back), or eventually arriving at an absolute purity; ‘gold’, that which can no longer react to stimuli interiorally, as it is perfectly integrated with itself; it reflects everything in its own image - everything that touches it enhances its power.

Okay, me too.
On a scale from 1 to 10, how highly do you value thought?

Hmmmm… that seems like an oxymoron to me.

[edit] This is alike to esoteric astrology.