The Muse!

Ok… so I spent the night with a ladyfriend who is back in town for school and this morning i felt like I was/still am more creative, just in a general sense. I was thinking of all these jokes and writing a bunch of stuff down.

Anyways my question is this… does physical attraction play into creativity?

In my case it’s the opposite sex… but obviously it can be the same for others.

Why is it that I sort of seem to notice certain females’ posts more than say Dunamis… (I use you as an example cause you’re really smart :wink: )

Are our libidos our own muses… is this just me or does anyone else feel this way?

Yah… I’ll leave it at that for now… whaddya guys think?

Old Gobbo,
Other musings aside, let me put it this way:
Attraction and/or libido:
Focuses Attention
Alters World View
Boosts Energy Levels
Elevates Mood
Relieves Tension
Encourages risk taking

And much more!
(Dean Martin, for one, has a whole song full of examples)

So I would say with an unqualified yes, that Procreative urge leads to Creativity.