The Natural-Logical Law of Conduct

People love a bargain :exclamation: That means they love to shop for value. Why not then aim to maximize the value in your life. One sure way of doing this is to add value to every situation in which you find yourself. Among the three basic value-dimensions, IV (Intrinsic Value) is the highest. So if we go in this direction of intrinsic value we will have a life full of love - for that’s what IV means: it means getting involved, expressing love at every opportunity, being creative, enthusiastic, cheerful, serene, at one with all, peaceful, loving, tender, humble, empathic, compassionate, etc. Why settle for anything less??

Once we do that what would be the result?

We then would not “dis” a person: we wouldn’t put him down, but instead would look for some common ground, some way to find a shared need we both have - and build on that. So any abuse or violation of an individual is an evil act, an immoral act.

Also let us keep in mind the Ethical perspective, which is:
Regard every individual as of unlimited high value.

So think about it…. once we do that what kind of a world would we live in??

I would ask folks if they concur with this statement:

We would then ‘do no harm’; would not indulge in genderism, racism, ageism, sexism nor any other form of abuse or indifference. [size=85][Dr. Robert W. Fuller persuasively argues that the term “rankism” includes all the rest of the moral fallacies. Be sure to view his You-Tube TED Lecture to students at U. of C. - Berkeley on the topic.][/size]

Furthermore, out of respect for ourselves we would immunize ourselves against personal corruption. We would focus more on our long-term benefit and would not be as likely to succumb to short-term temptations. We would want to form life-affirming habits.

We would want to make the world work for everyone.
We would extend a hand of friendship. We would live in harmony. Nurturing our planet is basic to our own survival and is one way to upgrade and add value to the quality of our lives. Also we would want to be kind, and to be of service. What helps you helps me; what helps me helps you. We all do better if we ALL do better.

Those who spread these ethical teachings will have a more meaningful life. So now you know. Go to it

The problem that becomes apparent when people try such a scheme is that their neurological anxiety doesn’t actually go away but for very short moments. The mind “naturally” conducts itself toward finding something, anything, that will at least mask the anxiety. Psychological venues can’t substantially compete with physiological corruptions on an individual basis, but only through social authority. To get social authority involved means finding a means to ensure more power and success for those in such positions such as bankers, political, and religious leaders.

It occurs to me that bankers and political officials have enough power already. The President of the United States is the most powerful figure in the free world. I wouldn’t want to give a president any more power. The Supreme Court, with its very political officials, has already misused its power by removing transparency from political donations. Banks are still, to this day, “too big to fail.” This begs for another disaster to befall the country, until this policy is changed. More power for bankers? :exclamation: …Hardly.

Let’s conduct ourselves in such a way so that we avoid rankism. [Those who want to know what that means may google it.] Let’s make the world work for everyone. Let’s eliminate destitution. Let’s boost people up. Let’s empower them from ‘the bottom up.’ We can, at the least, give our neighbor a helping hand.

Let’s apply Ethics. Developing theory is all very fine - I love Philosophy - maybe in applying it to life though, we need to become activists.

I don’t disagree with any of that, but I still have to recognize that until political authorities, bankers, royal families, and such people see the extra benefit for themselves, people are going to just keep doing what they have been programmed to do.

Telling the sheep to be more courageous doesn’t take away their fear, nor give them weaponry against the wolves or narcissistic Shepherds.

Yes, you are right, James.

You may be interested that Dr. David Mefford, of Knoxville, Tenn., who has made great contributions in extending formal value theory, penned these lines in an unpublished document, with the title VALUES FOR LIVING: The playbook for life. He says he wrote it in order, and I quote: "to go beyond a purely rational
model for value science (removing all emotion) and [instead to]elaborate a multi-dimensional model. We see human value and valuation as a combination of rational, physical and emotional capacities. "