Congratulations to all the Catholic faithful… Your cardinals have elected the new Führer… err Pope. :evilfun: Seriously… I think Ratzinger was a mistake for the Catholic church. Of course, it will be fun to discuss in the near future. How will the conservative doctrine preached by Ratzinger affect the Catholic church? What implications does the election of a conservative Pope have on relations between the U.S. and the church, or the church and Israel…


"And in a surprising move the Vatican announced that they would also be electing a Vice-Pope today… JOSEPH STALIN JR." :astonished:. (joke from a friend [BC]).

Any thoughts on how this will pan out for a church struggling with membership?

I guess I should really be relishing in the fact that the Catholic Church is finally going to meet its demise. The fact that the conclave elected an ex-nazi as their pope, is not only a slap in the face to the Jews but a slap in the face to John Paul II. John Paul II reached out to the Jewish community, Ratzinger was a soldier against them.

Ratzinger is also reportedly the man who was behind the vatican memo that said cardinals should deny communion to any politician that supports abortion–aka John Kerry.

Ratzinger is also known to be, how would you say, slightly biased on the sexual abuse scandals that have plague the Church.

I should be happy but the insanity of this choice is blowing my mind. How could the conclave be so stupid? It is like they want the religion to go down…

It does make me consider back to the prophecy of St. Malachy. he gave an extremely accurate list of certain triats for the rest of the popes to come before the fall of the catholic church, only 112 more than when he died in 1148 AD. John Paul II was the 110th, he was profacized as being “of the eclipse” or something similar was the english translation. not only was he born under a solar eclipse, but he also died under one. there were some other aspects that went along with it that i cannot recall right now as well. so now we are on the 111th. and being as this one is, it seems very likely that the catholic curch would fall after only one more papacy.

I am certainly not trying to offer a knowledgeable defense of the new Pope, as I know little of him and am not a Catholic. However, I don’t know that it is entirely fair to call the man a Nazi. He was forced into service at 16 and, according to the history I have read, avoided combat partly by proclaiming his intention to become a priest.

the new pope will not try to force the world to become communist so he must be evil incarnate…


"Ratzinger, a staunch conservative dubbed “God’s Rottweiler,” has said he joined the Hitler Youth when membership became compulsory. He and his brother were later drafted but deserted. The cardinal claims he never fired a shot and that resistance would have meant death.

Not so, Germans from his hometown of Traunstein told The Times of London.

“It was possible to resist, and those people set an example for others,” recalled Elizabeth Lohner, 84. “The Ratzingers were young — and they had made a different choice.” "

Possibly… but it seems as though the facts are inconclusive, as presented. I’m not a big fan of much of the Catholic doctrine put forth by John Paul, but as you claimed yourself, he did reach out to the Jews. It seems unlikely that John Paul would have kept as his right-hand man someone whom he felt might willingly have participated in any Nazi activities. He was Polish, after all, and knew well the horrors of the Third Reich.

Please, this isn’t to offend.


[size=150]Ich Bin Ein Führer![/size] err Pope.

The pope on why he was a Nazi:
Let’s just say I was forced… [size=150]To happily slay the Jews![/size] :astonished: Oops, I said the loud part quiet and the quiet part loud!

In case no ones gets the reference it’s from the Simpsons when Krusty is asked why he voted for Mr. Burns’ movie to win the festival: “Let’s just say it moved me… TO A BIGGER HOUSE!!!”

Heaven forbid, it seems the new Pope is a conservative. Well, at least for the next couple decades, the old saying “Is the Pope Catholic?” will still be a merely rhetorical question.


Sice Ratzinger was born 1927 in Bavaria, he would have been 6 when Hitler was rising to power and 12 when the war began. There are words that you shouldn’t use without consideration: Nazi and Fascist.


I didn’t say the man is still a nazi Bob, but if you read the article it clearly was possible for Ratzinger to object to joining the Hitler Youth and the Nazi army, just as Jehovah Witnesses did.

It is about symbolism. There is absolutely no excuse for Ratzinger being elected pope.

You’re not even Catholic, are you? Not to put too fine a point on it, but what the fuck do you care who’s Pope?

Maybe because the pope is “god’s messenger” to 1 billion people in the world? I’m sorry but this man should not be leading 1 billion people who believe in “faith”.

Though as I said before, I guess I should be happy considering that the Catholic Church has offically sealed its demise if it continues down this idiotic course.

I guess you can condemn his reign as Pope before you even give him a full day- it’s a free country. :wink: And it’s still none of your damn business. After all, he’s not leading you. Besides, do you think he’s gonna try to revive the Reich or something? :unamused:

…of course not but…

I find it amazing that you can make these extraordinary judgements about Ratzinger, which are so clearly based on the fumbled reportings of 3rd rate sensationalist journalism. Step out of the circle and by a copy of one of the man’s books. Perhaps then you will be able to form an accurate judgement of him which is not influenced by the smear campaign of the partisan american media.

Wow…I’m actually impressed that some people have warped this out into “the Vatican electing a Nazi,” honestly, even back in those days, there WERE good Germans! Take Bob for example…he’s a perfect example of post-war German Chocolate Goodness.

I checked some records, and according to the Vatican, the last REAL German to be elected the Pope was Victor II (1055-1057) who really didn’t do much besides some questionable acts of political manipulation - not a very prospective line of work for someone who’s supposed to be a religious leader for millions.

What the Vatican has done is take a “leap of faith” having already had a Pope from Poland and now burying the hachet with their dark past with Nazism by electing a German Pope.

Ahem Sagesound,

I am an ex-pat Brit who was originally part of the occupying forces here in Germany - I’ve been here a long time, but not that long. Even my (German) wife wouldn’t say I’m German yet. :wink:


I think the pope looks scary, and what’s up with the “smoke signal” confusion? I think it’s an omen that the smoke billowing from that chimney wasn’t white when he was elected. He looks like an evil pope, like one in a horror movie about the end of days or something.

I wonder if he’s celebrating Hitler’s birthday!?