The Newest Third World Country...The USA

In this thread, I’m discussing reality, although where do you find reality online? No good evidence that can be trusted.

That’s a good topic of a thread. :slight_smile:

What’s difficult is finding supporting evidence that couldn’t possibly be tampered with. I know that sounds paranoid but with all the fake news and fake science floating around, I’m skeptical about much of what I read if I haven’t been a party to it myself.

Wendy wrote:


It is clear (if not to you, at least to other countries) that the influence and power of the U S of A is escalating rapidly and I believe it is highly likely that America will rule the world, it is already the centre of influence and it’s power will determine all major global events.

Explain how you know the power and influence is escalating rapidly? What do you mean untrue when the conditions described in the list of 10 are currently happening, that the USA is being hollowed out to be only a military power overseeing the Jews/Zionist global, communist agenda? The great leveling is happening again worldwide.

The fact is, that all world nations now look to the United States for protection and support and it’s extensive ability to influence on a global scale suggests that the world now has a single power, (the U S of A) at the highest point of the international system. I gather you are referring to a New World Order, which I do not dispute is coming, but this has nothing to do with the Jews/Zionist’s agenda? I see Joker has been discussing this with you :slight_smile:

How is it not one in the same thing?

“It is not the same thing” because the Jews will not be the driving force. So, I ask you, what is this Jewish/Zionist “agenda” you write about?

Please explain further.

In a nutshell…

Jews will have not only the property of the whole world in their hands, but the people in that communist hellhole too…I mean that global “Brave New World.” (Aldous Huxley)

Wendy wrote:

and from the same source From the Temple to the Talmud by Harrell Rhome

“Again the voluminous contents of the Talmud are deceptive, diverse and obscure, requiring close examination…The essentially atheistic Zionist founder and leaders use all of this to their advantage with unfortunate Jews who buy into the phoney Pharisaic fairy tale that they are a specially and divinely chosen folk”.

The Jew Age is going to come back? Nah… they had their chance and blew it.

Please, don’t forget that I wrote this:.

So, is it reality that the United States of America are the newest third world country?

And if you answer in the affirmative, is it objectively true that the United States of America are the newest third world country?

The USA started to become a third world country as soon as it was overcome by a third world mentality (1913). It wasn’t until around the mid 1970’s that the coin had been sufficiently flipped to claim that the “new USA” was an actual third world country. What is being seen in the 2000 era is merely the turbulent effects of being a third world country.

The most outstanding features that define a third world country is its hegemony and lack of sanity. Just look at the number of people in admiration and worship of the idea of being insane, without civility, rationality, or consistent and trustable environment. The promotion of change is the promotion of irrationality and decline. The hidden, fallacious thought and devil in detail is that naturally any change brings hope and will lead to a better tomorrow.

Although it is true that without false hope, there would be no hope at all, there are far more bad false hopes than good.

What was it that happened in 1913 that allowed this to happen

The Federal Reserve Bank was founded in 1913.

Yep, and the consequential perversion and slavery of the USA citizenry and corporate population.

But Carleas wrote here: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=193341#p2680073

Did all hell break loose in 1913 or was that just the finalization of where a new hell would be spawned?

Carleas lives in an imaginary world built from the left over stories and dreams of the original USA. He specializes in believing only what might be possibly true to his ideals and preference, excusing and ignoring all else.

Isn’t that a type of dishonesty, but how do you define it? The Left uses this undefined in my mind type of dishonesty all the time and it makes my skin crawl.

Yes. And not only Carleas loves to deny the reality. Denying the reality seems to be a popular "sport“ on ILP. But he is “merely” the “president” of that “sports club”. Guess who its “managers” and “trainers” are? :wink:

Yes, the ten signs are true.