The number of the beast:

A lot of people call this stuff crazy i call it fun… I’m a mathmatician and I enjoy doing things with numbers…I do this sort of stuff instead of counting sheep: I just count numbers :slight_smile:

Assign the alphabet numbers.

Establish a function I call it numerality: where you add up a numbers digits and then add up all digits of that number…and that and so on untill you get a single digit… I.E 4567891234534=4+5+6+7+8+9+1+2+3+4+5+3+4=61=6+1=7

Now lets look at two things that are associated FOX and Dow Jones(same news conglomerate…news=control/alteration of peoples opinions)
thus FOX=6.15.24=6.6.6=18=9 (as jimmy hendrix said “what if 6 turns out to be 9”)



DOW + JONES =6 + 666 =6 +9 = 6

Alot of 6’s in those two associated People-Mind-Opinion-Alterators…

You are a WHAT??


You can get any number out of anything just going through a set of absurd operations. Means nothing.

LOL james…you seem to enjoy taking words and using them as you want them meant…I am a Mathematician…Might I ask you up to what level of mathematics you have had…though I imagine it is possible i have had less as I am still working on my degree…

You can say that about all math couldn’t you?
Given the conditions of association of number with names it is interesting the other associations to names that pops up…but i don’t take much meaning of it my self…I watch FOX all the time…Just interesting thing i ran across…There are easier ways of adding up numbers to arrive at “numerality” quite quickly with regards to words and just large groups of digits…

Pointless operations specifically picked to arrive at a silly goal. I wouldn’t call that math. I wouldn’t make it my profession.
For example:

You specifically grouped the 1+5 to get the effect which you desired. Just because. And if it didn’t happen right away, then you would have applied another operation to get there.

yeah, he actually completely broke the pattern he was following before to do this.

More than you are likely to ever have.
I was told by my admin that I not only had more credit hours in math than the mathematics majors, but the only course not taken was “Theory of Numbers”. I really should have taken that one too, just to go ahead and get my math degree as well. I might need that background very shortly. I ended up with more hours due to my Psy and EE curriculum. But that was about 35 years ago. :confused:

There are a limited number of groups i was simply pointing out that group most groups and most words especially do not have such groupings…
The FOX one is more direct the other is only interesting in relation…and of course it is rather useless overall with regards to predicting stuff in relation to a word used as there are about a millions foxes out there… and what not…I tried to imply that one should not read too much into it, I just ran across this when I was thinking and found it rather funny considering that many FOX followers are the type that would think such matters and yet what they are watching actually has such…and I mean who knows maybe it does have a significance…but like I said who knows…

Ok good I’m not chatting with someone that is not educated on the matter, it is good to know you have put thought into it…

Interesting thought though on the aside…wouldn’t one who has had a major or maybe less in math maybe have the equivalent understanding of some one like newton…assuming they understood what they thought…don’t know that such is relevant now though with respect to average understanding…