The old in me

Looking back I see I’ve known all along
It’s the words, the lyrics. I look up this song.
Everything I’ve ever known to be me
Exist in these eyes, which I use to see

I sit and wait, for a time to want this
So why is it I yearn, please give me a kiss?
I’ve fallen in love, with the strength of this irony
I stare at the bosses, come fate now and fire me

A reason to smile, and that’s only her eyes
My world and my reason, they love their demise
We’ll dance to bliss, on the white picket fence
I can’t help but laugh, though it doesn’t make sense

kiss i never knew you felt that way about me, oldglobo…

:smiley: thatwouldmake a really nice song!


'trees, sometimes I think you’re the only one who gets me :smiley:

pothead…treehugger…we have a connection , ya’ know? :stuck_out_tongue:

In a way… I hug certain ‘trees’ with my lungs…

if that’s not chemistry… I don’t know what is :wink:

[ music note ] two li’l lovebirds sittin’ in a tree…

or maybe I should just say


you guys are so cute!