The Omnivore Solution

There are people (including me) who want to eat animals, and there are also people who don’t want these animals to be killed in the first place. At a glance, it looks as if the only saying “you can’t please all the people all the time” applies here. But I’ve thought of a solution which is such that the two positions described in the opening sentence are mutually satisfied: if you want to eat an animal, eat it alive :smiley:

of course you realize how difficult it is to eat while you are dead…


[Arnie voice]You’re a funny guy, Imp - that’s why I’m gonna eat you alive.[/voice]


Maybe you could give the animal a local and just cut of a few bites. :slight_smile:

Eats a piece of shit

What do you mean I “don’t have good taste?”

(said the piece of shit)

Homer Simpson: I think this veal died of loneliness

At some point, one would have to think, we’ll eat nothing but synthetic materials. Until then, I’ll continue to eat what tastes good, thank you.

I say we eat vegetarians.

Is this never going to end? The meat/vegetarian argument has almost saga proportions in practically every forum over the last few years. Pleeeeese let this turkey (potato) die!!!

Good suggestions, “peeps”.

The ultimate solution would be to eat small animals that would survive the digestive process and come at “at the other end” in tact. This way, we could eat meat without any death at all! :slight_smile:

I think this turkey and potato is good.

I also like to eat meat, but do not wish to cause harm to another animal if possible. So, I think we should create machines that can grow body parts hocked up to a blood machine, that way we can have meat without killing an animal (depending on how you look at it)

We can grow mice with human ears on their backs. I think we can figure out how to grow a huge piece of meat without there ever being a brain involoved, a machine that pumps the blood and nutrients, and electrical shock or something that spasms the muscle so that it will be firm.

For me it would solve two issues, eat meat, without killing an animal brain. (No remorse, yum)

Hell yeah!

See, everyone in Idaho always has the best solutions.

I agree! Yum! :smiley:

My goodness…um… :astonished:


You gotta admit that vegetarians are better for you.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I guess so…depends on what part of them you’re devouring.:sunglasses:


Hum, barbequed, with a nice large bowl of berries as dessert, sounds appealing.

Damn, just finished my barbequed spareribs for breakfast, and now I am again becoming hungry.


What the hell??

[Eats a whole shrew]

Well I’ll be damned…

Some forms of devouring do not harm the physical body at all.

Yeah. Synth food! People see a hamburger, they don’t see a corpse that once had the will to live. Being an omnivore is f***ed up… I feel strange about myself, but I’m not alone…