The only reasons Trump is winning

The only reason that Trump is winning is due to monetary connections and the political connections of such money; not actual politics, but still politics nonetheless. I need a debate partner or several that can put up with a long-term debate where I argue rarely because I’m traveling. Also, because men still view women as weak. Hillary actually stands on a good ground of experience and reason and power, yet the world is still sexist and money talks louder than actual political knowledge.

Most countries have freedom if speech and democracy… And most of these countries have selected women to run them multiple times …

America is a piece of shit.

Most countries in this category are teaching calculus and the third foreign language by the time a child is in fifth grade. !

Hilary stands on the good ground of Goldman and Sachs, for example.

I agree with Ecmandu, many countries, some even more traditional that the US, have had female leaders.

The US (or at least some significant part of it) is a warrior culture, with a particular emphasis on strength. If you look at Trump’s rhetoric, it is directed at undoing shame, calling the US a bunch of losers and saying how we’re going to make it ‘great’ again through the power of bullying our allies and possible punching anyone who disagrees.

The US is particularly sexist for a developed country. Even our feminism is deeply sexist compared to e.g. northern Europe. But don’t be fooled into thinking that that’s representative.

EDIT: And, as Moreno points out, there are plenty of reasons to reject Hillary besides sexism.

Presidents are not voted in, they’re selected and pre-chosen in advanced…

As I said in the other thread, Trump is not winning but only seems to be winning. Yes, he may win the post of an official GOP presidential candidate, but that would be the end of road for him. There is no way that he can be next US president.

Believe me, it is Hillary who wants Trump to become GOP candidate more than his supporters. The more Trump supporters would polarize, even more voters polarize at the other side to make sure his defeat. Fighting him on the behalf of GOP will ensure the victory of any democratic candidate, be it Hillary or any other xyz.

Even given that Trump is not a good candidate, I think that he is still better than Hillary.

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By the way, this phenomenon is called reverse polarization in psehopholoy. But, it applies everywhere, be it any big social event or even any scientific one.

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If it were that simple, Jeb would be winning instead.

I agree with Ucci.

Though people like to believe otherwise, I do not think money plays a deciding factor in US politics, especially in elections. Yes, money is huge factor in the elections of third world countries like India, but not that much in developed nations.

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It does seem like this election poses a problem for those who favor the narrative that corporate money buys elections. While Trump isn’t really self funding, he hasn’t solicited funding and his campaign is probably about as grass-roots as any. He might be super wealthy, but he doesn’t have more wealth at his disposal than other candidates, and it does seem to be actually less beholden to corporate sponsorship.

I would be cautious making predictions like this. I made similar claims early in his campaign, and I (and many others) have had to eat crow at every step of the race. I don’t understand why Trump is as popular as he is, but I no longer write it off as impossible for him to actually get support of enough of the voting public (especially if any third-party spoilers emerge, e.g. Bloomberg).

Old money funding a presidential bid…yeah, that’s so grassroots…

Ah, but let’s not forget, ‘murrca, fuck yeah’, and other such ‘patriotic’ behavior. When it comes down to it, it is still a game of popularity and Trump is well known, if not well-liked; his shows are watched, he has been seen in a seat of power where, even if putting on an air that some would see not to be taken seriously, is more pomp and show than anything else and is a man that people should take seriously. At the end of the day, Presidency is still a seat to be held by the scapegoats of the US. There are many who don’t like it when a President has too much power on their own. They want them to absorb the hate for all of the US’ actions, absorb the blame, take responsibility for those who work best behind the scenes while the president plays the role out in the open.

Hilary is to mainline, hard-stance; wouldn’t be acceptable by the other world leaders if key factors in politics are to be taken into account. I am, of course, open to being wrong, since I very much do hope that Hilary does win the election, because I believe it would set the pace for American equality between the sexes as well as having a firm hand in pushing the envelope, crossing the line, that other countries seem not to want to be crossed or pushed.

Trump is seemingly more able to take the punches, take the heat and the blame and at least ‘play the game’ with other world leaders, already supported by his business dealings which are quite numerous and take him to just as many places around the world as people who have bent their entire lives around politics. He has lived and breathed diplomacy, foreign relations, business dealings, etc.; for countless year, giving him a headstart on any opposition he might encounter in the running. Tom Cruz attacked him recently with, ‘when we were busy with this or that politic scandal, where were you?’ The answer Trump can’t give so easily, ‘dealing with my own scandals in the business world that are very similar.’

There is very good reason that Trump is running for office and seemingly winning at the moment, which I admit, given the nature of politics, could by only momentary. As HaHaHa stated and I agree with:

During my own interactions in politics, I’ve actually experienced this firsthand when it came down to a choice between myself and another to fill the role of Prime Minister in the game of politics that we played. It was all pre-arranged and ordered and put in motion through backroom power; we were the best two candidates at the time, and I was chosen because I was seen to be the less ‘unpredictable’ of the two of us. It came down to the wire, though; but the voting was manipulated, was tampered with and I did win because of it. The victory was still earned because of the work still put into it, but the means of such are shallow and not as fulfilling as actually winning by the merit of what you stand for without tampering and manipulation, in my opinion. I stepped down shortly after from the position when the political manipulation involving me was taken too far.

However, it stands as enough reason to believe that both Hilary and Trump are the two main candidates in this current race for a reason, both standing on the merits of their own life accomplishments, whether known or not. Hilary would have to have her own connections as well, her own political ins and outs.

But, it still comes down to the fact that they want people to play ball. Hence why Obama didn’t do so well in office, even though he served two terms. He didn’t play well with others, he suffered a lot of heat and the world has changed since he stepped into office. I believe that while Trump may appear to crack under pressure here and there, he won’t truly crack and Hilary will and while I believe that such shouldn’t play into it all, it still does.

What GOP voters, especially those who have been rallied behind Trump solidly so far, are not realizing the actual play. They are very much mistaken if they think that Trump will do even half of that what he is saying now. No, he will not even think of doing all that, if he becomes the president, forget about doing. All that rethotic is just meant for elections.

I do not think that Trump and his political advisers are fools. The extremism shown by Trump is not what he actually stands for. It is an intentional and calculated risk, which his team took considering him outsider and not so well known by amongst the GOP voters.

His actual plan is to pitch the right wing extremism very forcefully up to the finalization of GOP candidate. Portraying extremism would help him in that, and we are seeing that happening right now.

But, as soon as the race of GOP candidates would be over, we will see him toning down and changing his stance. That very Trump, who is arguing with other GOP candidates very fiercely right now, is going to disappear, when it would come down to debating as an official GOP candidate with his Democratic counterpart, if that happens.

Then, we will see an entirely new Trump, a statesman like person, who would seem to be mildly right to the center in his ideology. He would not make any of those seemingly stupid type of comments, which are the trademark of his campaign so far.

And then, he would say very innocently that he has been misquoted and misunderstood all along by a huge margin. He will assure voters that he is not that sort of person as they are thinking. He does not mean all that what is tagged on him. He is just an honest and straightforward person, who has paying the price of being so, as his shrewed opponents are playing game with him by misrepresening his words.

That is the strategy all along, which is not a bad one. But, he has gone with the flow and overplayed the game.

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It’s the very foundation of democracy. Always has been since ancient Greece. Most people are fucking clueless idiots.

And everyone wants their horse to win. Doesn’t really have anything to do with leadership values or their own ability, because the main bulk of government is not handled by the figureheads. They’re just the horses racing each other around the track.

Things are going exactly as they were expected.

Hillary won South Carolina by a huge 50℅ margin over Sanders but this result has not much to do with either Hillary or Sanders. This is Trump’s affect.

BBC says that 8 out of 10 black voters supported Hillary there. This is what reverse polarisation is. With every winning of Trump, all his oppostie voters will gather more and more to any such candidate who is most likely to win against him.

I am not aware of exact US demographic numbers, but my guess is that there are something between 25-30% voters, who are non-white. And, I would not be surprised at all if more than 90% of those vote for democtate candidate, if Trump also would be there as a GOP presidential candidate.

Means, Trump will have to fight only with in 75% votes. On the other hand, his democtate oppnent wiil get the initial benefit of 25% votes. Second point which goes the favor or Hillary is that she is a women. I am sure that she would get at least half of the white female votes, if not more.

She very subtly and innocently played this female card some days back when she said that she is not sure whether US is ready ( read mature ) for a female president or not. In other words, she is indirectly telling female votes that to prove their maturity, they have to vote for her.

Yes, Trump will get majority of the white male votes, but that majority would not be that much huge as to overcome the total loss of those 25-30% non white voters.

I tried to calculate the required winning voting percentage for Trump. It comes out that he has to win around 75% of white males votes to win the overall election, given that he will get half white female and less than 10% of overall non white votes. It is a simple math unless something very drastic happens in the future.

And, I do not think that Trump can get 75% of white male votes. Besides that, I also doubt that whether he would get half of white female votes. But, one thing is for sure that at least 90% of non white voters are not going to vote for him, no matter what happens. And, that is the crux of the issue.

Thus, if GOP wants to its hope alive in the presidential election, it and it’s supporters should ignore Trump and select anyone else as their predencial candidate.

That would be better not only for GOP but to US also, as a hole , because, as soon as Trump gets out of the race, Hillary will also by default. Her biggest vote getter is no one else but Trump itself.

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He is winning because he has been a TV performer watching ratings for years and has been hired to distract republican vote away from the real republicans.

Then it won’t be any different than any other election year.

I know you’re just rounding, but 75 of the white male vote + 50% of the white woman vote +10 minority vote = an extremely close race, with Trump taking a slight win.

So what issue?