The Only Thing that Science Knows...

A) That theory A is demonstratively false
B) That theory B is not demonstratively false
C) As long as we can keep people from thinking that theory B might be false, B will remain not demonstratively false.

Who is ‘we’ and why are ‘we’ doing this?

Why do people try to run organizations, communities, nations, religions, businesses, and bingo games?

“We” are those who yield authority to “what science says/knows”.

People like to parrot Popper without really thinking about the claim.

The only way to definitively show that something is wrong in science is to use a claim that is certain. However, scientific claims are not certain. Sceintific investigation can produce claims that we can trust to different degrees, but the is always the possibility that the observation that we have used to “disprove” a theory is an unlucky coincidence.

The trick is to investigate things in such a way as to better estimate how certain a claim is.

It seems that you agree with the OP.

I don’t Think even A can be demonstrably false, since this too is open to revision.

A quibble: I would change ‘is not demonstatively false’ to ‘has not been demonstrated false’.

Theory, contemplation, speculation.

Speculation viewing, to consider a subject by turning it in the mind and viewing it in its different aspects. (Websters)

Mind, a condition that applies to the concept of self review.

Self review limits the condition of the review…the only thing that Science Knows is their own mind.

I was once told that the “universe is inside our heads”.
Satan is the Tree of Knowledge and we were warned to never take from this Tree.

In his bestselling 1988 book, A Brief History of Time, Hawking drew on the device so beloved of Einstein, when he described what it would mean for scientists to develop a “theory of everything” – a set of equations that described every particle and force in the entire universe. “It would be the ultimate triumph of human reason – for then we should know the mind of God,” he wrote. … -no-heaven

This is a Scientist who believes in God, because as it says “for then we should know the mind of God”.

Yet who is said to have been caste out of Heaven…was God? No God was not.

Therefore if Hawking’s review regards the Fallen Heaven, then it can only be Satan…wouldn’t it?

If you want to know the mind of Satan, seems Knowledge is the Truth…and what does the story tell you Scientist?

Seems like you get destroyed!!!

Why would this biblical account have been written by very astute individuals, who have provided theoretical review in Biblical literature and why is it that Scientists always return to Biblical literature for Scientific reference?

The Bible was not written to cause human beings to be afraid of the dark. It was written for human beings to be afraid of the dark. There is a difference.

This story was written as a concise astronomical observed event that correlated that the oxygen mass had been removed from the atmosphere involving Christ Blood and stigmata as the observation signs providing evidence that phenomena in the atmosphere was involved. This was real scientific observation, the only way any human being has ever correlated evidence along with observation facts as data.

Therefore knowing Satan (fallen - dark heaven) is the need to be afraid, which Hawking himself overlooked, for he was never looking at God…aren’t human beings the Fallen?

Hence know the Truth.
God created through O the only Act of God
O became the created state
O collapsed because a sacrifice occurred o = the Holy Sacrifice of a Holy Satan
Angels = Protection of God, why Satan once had a Holy State

Satan, the Act of Sin = O collapsed
Satan, the Sun (collapse)

o the Holy Satan only “burnt” became Stone

o the Holy Satan was attacked/destroyed by human beings millions of years ago (charcoal)

o = NASA the unholy Satan, removed the + cross Equation Met on Earth 1900s DEMONstrating that human Scientists destroyed the Earth.

Therefore Scientists you are given the messages of your own ancient research, so you should observe the message and regard the message, as you already have your answer.

As a metaphysicist, Hawking is an idiot.

Reason…to think via observation.
Observation…the Universe was created, the Universe changed through a huge disaster, the Bible/Philosophy documented the disaster via astronomical observations.

The Universe created by the constant, the constant was destroyed because planets O were part of this constant.

Energy is used…energy is therefore depleted and the Universe is using energy to deplete/finish/end itself.

Oxygen is used…oxygen is replenished as the only immaculate conception (life continuance as a holy act) as per Philosophical discussions.

Human being uses oxygen…oxygen affects the mind with its information of engaging in replenishment…human mind believes in this system only, as it supports all reasoning of its own conscious state.

Science believes that human DNA has a presence of God…oxygen has the presence of God via Philosophical discussions, God became the Christ Act, making Christ the Creator (oxygen or Spirit Breath/Spirit Life).

Science believes that human DNA will enable them a future technology…yet human systems decease…therefore trying to base a resource on this information will cause an end.

Human life is only renewed because of birth.

Would you have Science if you were deceased? No.

Would Scientists know what was left after humanity is deceased? No.

Only a future returned human being would understand by the evidence of the past. This was what Philosophy provided as evidence of previous self destruction of life due to human interference with the creative act due to scientific pursuit. … saurs.html

Feb 7, 2013 - A cosmic impact in what is now Chicxulub in Mexico dealt dinosaurs the final deathblow some 65 million years ago

the rock encasing the hammer was dated back more than 400 million year; the hammer itself turned out to be more than 500 million years old

Philosophy = Carpenter (tectonic) earthquake predictions, meteor hits due to Scientific interference with Sun Sound Harmonics - Stone as per predictable re-established human consciousness due to evolution. PHILOSOPHY OF THE STONE.