The Path to 9/11


Anyone catch The Colbert Report on this topic?

In a normal world, any government would have said, ok so a group of 50 guys decided to attack some of our buildings and succeeded. BIG DEAL!

Lets us get the FBI, CIA and other organizations around the world to investigate this and that would be the end of the story. In our world the gov. declared two wars and could care less how these wars are actually going, since the real reasons for going to wars IS JUST TO HAVE A STEADY FLOW OF IMPOSSIBLE WARS TO KEEP ON FIGHTING.

No one cares how poor the people of Afghanistan or Iraq are, really. No one really expects to possibly win anything. We all know it, they are cultures that are light years away from ours, we don’t understand anything at all about their religions and tribal wars. It is truely nonsense. What the US needs is a way to spend the defense money, a way to HAVE AN ENEMY, for without an enemy the US is lost. An ideological fight, that is totally virtual.

Of course the only wars America wins is when it decides to do commerce and consumerism with a country, like they are doing with China. These are the real wars that the US wins, all the others are fake.

There will always be impossible enemies, someone has got to fight them. Even if it is hard to win at least the enemies get the message that there is someone who will fight them, since no one else in the world will ever do anything. EU, Russia, China could really care less, but we have the courage to go in and fight.

The path to 9/11 is fantasy, pure and simple.
It had scenes that never, ever happened and
was a written and produced by right wing fanatics.


Not true. The EU (European countries) are heavily involved in Afghanistan and Iraq. And they are involved in the present conflict between Lebanon and Israel. Now if they are an American proxy is subject to debate.

Most of the EU is defended by the US, that is why the EU spends much less on defense compared to the US. That is also why the US has such a high defense budget, they defend half of the world. But this is a good deal for the EU, they save money, have fun and leave the dirty work to the US.