The phenomenon of the undead

I believe firstly in the mortality of the soul.
The soul can change itself. Anything that can change, can either improve, or degrade, and it can degrade to the point of being next to nothing.

When a baby is born, if it is not possessed by a reincarnation, it will grow a pure young news soul on its own.
This usually starts out so weak and vulnerable that it gets eaten and replaced by an incarnation.
Because a human being generates life force and is blind to the spirit world, they are even more helpless than cattle when it comes to spiritual attacks.
Many many people have experienced spiritual attacks, and they tend to never be able to fight back, due to the material baseness of human existence.

Undeads are typically fake souls, or hollow souls, which feed on bodies and try to possess bodies of any sort they can find.
During dreams we experience many shells which are surreal and old shards of minds trying to hack into our main mind and live in it.

Some undeads are weak minded while others are strong minded, in that some have such an obsession that their effort is tireless.

Christians teach that God creates souls, but I teach that souls are built out of living energies, built by bodies and sometimes built by magicians aswel as servitors and humoncolis. Some deities create souls aswel, but they are different depending on who and how they were created.

The undead scurge is so massive on the earth that almost everyone is effected by it.
Since the earth is a place of constant birth and death cycles, each cycle produces billions of shells, which then come out and crave to be alive and control a body, so they form into swarms and blobs. These swarms I refer to as necrobes, which sometims threaten the existence even of deities in battle.

Allot of human beings are in fact zombies but only zombies in soul not in body. Few can see this but to the few it is very obvious.

This post is whacked beyond belief.

It is said that mortal eyes can’t see Spirit ; one can only see Spirit with spiritual eyes.

But what happens when you see with spiritual eyes? Well, of course, we see spirits everywhere.

There’s a serpent in every paradise.

And so we see evil spirits too. Now we’ve entered the spirit realm, which we know nothing about. And we must enter into spiritual battle … and insanity proceeds.

Best to stick with mortal eyes, and free will to accept or reject anything, even God or the devil. Stay out of that spirit realm … where serpent seeks to deceive into insanity.

Why thank you. Did you read the whole thing?

I believe in “artificial” souls, quite strongly.
They are a problem. They aren’t typically powerful, but there’s so darn many of them in some places.

Life is all about spam. It puts quantity before quality.
It’s natural for giant masses of bullshit to form and die out eventually aswel, but all the remaining guts get eaten and form into more giant masses of bullshit.

Life is a hunger cycle which only becomes more and more hungry with time.
Death normally ends this cycle and releases the essence into neutrality.
But the undead do not fully get their essence released into reality. They retain it when they die, so that they keep on over and over trying to strive in cycles, like the cycles of life and death on earth.

My dear friend, Why use the word artificial when they are not?