The philosophers quoted in this forum

Correct me if im wrong, but two of the most common philosophers I hear quoted in this forum are Hume and Kant. Now, I don’t know what that says about the people here, but those two are two of the main players that led to the development of altruism, and that values set is destroying out country today…

I think that Nietzsche is probably the most cited (and most misrepresented) philosopher on this forum, as indeed he is on EVERY other philosophy forum I’ve ever visited.

How is altruism ‘destroying the country’? I would have said the opposite were true…

Hume and Kant are only a recent trend, but everyone loves to quote Nietzsche. Descartes and the Big Greek Three are sometimes cited by folk just getting into philosophy though.

Seriously though, how is alturism destroying the country?

On Altruism:

  1. Everyone is altruistic. No one can do anything for themselves because there is no self.

  2. No one is altruistic. Everything that anyone does is done ultimately for the sake of self-benefit, doing good for one’s self.

A(1,2). Both of these descriptions of human beings are useful in certain contexts. Adhering to one while rejecting the other just interferes with your ability to use the most useful description for the situation at hand.

B(1,2). Neither of these descriptions of human beings are really that useful. One should look deeper into human behavior to find more useful ones.

C(A,B,1,2). Depending on who you’re talking to and how you’re feeling about things, you may want to say either 1, 2, A, or B, or some combination thereof.

True true…