The Philosophy of Obliterating The Human Race

I was googling and came across the page of the philosopher Peter Wessel Zapffe.

This quote immediately rang true on so many levels.

Theoretically speaking, how would this come to occur? Would we eventually just encourage/force people to stop procreating? Leading to the inevitable annihilation of the human race?

Perhaps after the downfall of the European and North American markets, a New Order will arise that will embrace man’s inevitable drive towards self-annihilation as the final phase in the evolution of the human race. When I look around to society, I see this incredible desperation that was not present at any other stage in human history. How long will government, socio-economic and social structures be able to hold this phenomen in check?


So it’s an ideology of self destuction?

Not really – at least not to me. I see it as being like the final and last phase of human evolution. Kind of like the concept of the End of Days

An interesting idea, but i don’t think humanity can ever just stop procreating; it is what we are biologically evolved to do.
The idea of over evolution of a specific element and how it leads to the demise is a spot on idea and how over thought can lead to the demise of humanity.
But that just means that the way for the species to survive is simply to breed the dumb and return our brains to the level of apes and animals.

At least that’s what i got from the quotes, I could have read them wrong.

Even this wont work soon, because he says that:

This is why society is growing increasingly more volatile and self-annihilative. Once we free up enough free time, we will inevitably blow ourselves back into fucking oblivion.

Maybe to the brink of extinction but not to extinction itself. For vast majority of people, the instinct of survival still overrides intellect.

We may not be as open to the idea of reproduction, but if you notice, sex is still one of the biggest activities of people during their free time. And most of the people who are born (especially in 3rd world countries) come from unplanned pregnancies, resulting from ‘recreational’ sex.

Or we could just destroy society and those dumb enough to get by can return to the level of animals.
Society may be destroyed, but not necessarily humanity along with it.

For now

So what?

I have sex alot. I jerk off alot. I still have a shitload of free time for philosophy and a million other things. Soon everybody will be like this. Plus those in third world countries tend to be the lowest of the low in terms of intellect. They would be the last ones remaining before the inevitable end.

You miss the point here. This is not about society. This is about the human being itself.

You haven’t really clarified exactly how, or why, this ‘end’ is going to occur. You seem to be in the business of heavily implying that we will all just think ourselves to death somehow.

How will human society come to end?

This is what will happen. When we have so much free time that the Remedies don’t work any longer, we will probably just stop reproducing, or annihilate the shit out of each other before we do. Whichever comes first.

The Birth of Rock N’ Roll heralded the beginning of the Self-Annihilative Era as the final shriek of human anguish

The Doors

  1. Strange Days
  2. You’re Lost Little Girl
  3. Unhappy Girl
  4. Love Me Two Times, Im Going Away
  5. People Are Strange
  6. I Cant See Your Face In My Mind
  7. When The Music’s Over, Turn Out The Lights
  8.         Break On Through To The Other Side
  9.         End Of The Night
  10.       The End
  11.       Summer’s Almost Gone
  12.       Five To One
  13.      Not To Touch The Earth
  14.      Roadhouse Blues
  15.      Waiting For The Sun
  16.      Been Down So Long
  17.      Riders On The Storm

Johnny Thunders And The HeartBreakers

  1. Born To Lose
  2. All By Myself
  3. Im Living On The Chinese Rock
  4. One Track Mind
  5. In Cold Blood
  6. You Cant Put Your Arms Around A Memory
  7. Eve Of Destruction
  8. All By Myself
  9. Personality Crisis
  10. Too Much Junkie Business
  11. So Alone
  12. As Tears Go By
  13. It’s Not Enough
  14. Alone In A Crowd
  15. Pills

Sex Pistols

  1. Don’t Want A Holiday In The Sun
  2. No Feelings
  3. Liar
  4. Problems
  5. Anarchy In The U.K.
  6. Pretty Vacant
  7. Don’t Give Me No Lip Child
  8. No Fun
  9. Im Not Your Stepping Stone
  10. You Wanna Be Me
  11. No Future
  12. Watcha Gonna Do About It
  13. Substitute Cause Lifes Not Fair
  14. Belsen Was A Gas
  15. Seventeen

Joy Division

  1. Disorder
  2. New Dawn Fades
  3. She’s Lost Control
  4. Shadowplay
  5. Wilderness
  6. I Remember Nothing
  7. Failures
  8. Atrocity Exhibition
  9. Isolation
  10. The Eternal
  11. The Leaders Of Men
  12. They Walked In Line
  13. The Only Mistake
  14. Something Must Break
  15. The Kill
  16. Im Living In The Ice Age
  17. Dead Souls
  18. From Safety To Where

Guns N Roses

Appetite For Destruction/GNR Lies/Use Your Illusion

  1. Welcome To The Jungle
  2. Its So Fuckin Easy
  3. Im On The Nightrain
  4. Mr. Brownstone
  5. Paradise City
  6. Youre Crazy
  7. Anything Goes
  8. Reckless Life
  9. Used To Love Her
  10. Youre One In A Million
  11. Knockin On Heavens Door
  12. November Rain
  13. Live And Let Die
  14. Beating A Dead Horse
  15. 14 Years Of Madness
  16. Right Next Door To Hell
  17. Breakdown

GG Allin

  1. Live Fast Die Fast
  2. Bored To Death
  3. Dead Or Alive
  4. You Hate Me & I Hate You
  5. Anti Social Masterbator
  6. Die When You Die
  7. Darkness & A Bottle To Hold
  8. When I Die
  9. No Limits No Laws
  10. I Hate People
  11. Fuck Authority
  12. Sitting In This Room
  13. Bite It, You Scum
  14. Carmelita
  15. Borrowed Time
  16. Abuse Myself I Wanna Die
  17. Livin Like An Animal
  18. One Man Army

Perhaps our evolution works in cycles. With that in mind, who is to tell that this is the first time we have been here? Facing the same problem? The legends of Atlantis, Lemuria and other civilizations could be more than just fairy tales - but rather human civilizations that came to their ultimate logic and simply reseted - to begin a new cycle.

The idea from the OP is not all that absurd, given the fact that our species is stil relatively young compared to other species; the intellect, this tempting felling of superiority over all hitherto living is highly intoxicating and as such blurres our perpective, making ourselves appear as the ultimate goal of evolution. Perhaps. Unfortunately, there is nothing out there or over here that can guarantee it …

nice angle but Im pretty sure Socrates said that Atlantis was just an allegory he made up. And Lemuria was a disproved scientific hypothesis, but then the occult losers took it and ran with it…

Personally, I normally have tonnes of free time. My currently unbusy life means that I spend most of it studying, reading literature, and getting stoned. Even if these are ‘mechanisms of defense that allowed an individual to overcome their burden of intellect’, I still don’t see how or why these mechanisms have a time limit. All I can see is - more free time means more trivial pass-time activities. More of these so-called mechanisms. Which, for me, actually sounds pretty o.k.

I mean, if stopping doing these things would cause me to somehow think my self in to destruction, then really I might as well carry on doing them. If I had a bit more free time, I would just do them all a bit more.

Lemuria wasn’t ever posited as a civilization. Nor was it a fairy tale. It was a 19th century western scientific hypothesis, and was supposed to be a land mass that sunk in to the ocean long before any human civilizations started. As a geological hypothesis, it turned out to be incorrect.

And if there’s precious little evidence for Atlantis, there’s even less evidence to believe that the people of Atlantis thought themselves to death, seeing as the one thing everyone agrees on about Atlantis is that if it did exist, then it came to an end via some sudden natural catastrophe. My two cents on Atlantis was that it probably referred to the Minoans. After all, they were certainly once a mighty civilization who traded with pretty much everyone and were feared throughout the Med for their naval power, before being suddenly wiped out by a tidal wave. Fits just about perfectly, if you ask me.

The point being that pretty soon this wont work anymore. Its theoretical. I can personally affirm this as I have lost pretty much all interest in pursuing drugs, literature and philosophy once I realized that it’s all led society to a dead end. Im not a nihilist, but I just think the show’s over, so to speak.

Explain yourself, how is humanity at it’s end?

The fact that humanity has basically tried everything… and its all led no where

There is really nothing left but to return to the lifestyle of apes, while simultaneously letting this failed race die out

What is no where? This is no where?

I’ve seen other apes, they’re boring in comparision too humans. If you think humanity has gotten nowhere, how would being more primitive be any form of improvement?

Humans have there flaws but I wouldn’t call it failure.

Yep, this is no where

Its about not having to do anything

Living like apes we wouldn’t need to get jobs, pay bills/taxes or any of that shit

How is this nothing? There are vast amounts of “surplus” of humanities works too enjoy.

If you wish to be a layabout then do so, I don’t care but you shouldn’t try and project an internal view to the rest of the world.

The human race will die, and become extinct, yes it’s true.

However these things will become replaced by Postman and Postwoman, who have distinct, easily identifiable forms (including a penis and a vagina). And Postmen will rise into space (Heaven), colonize other planets, and rejoin the gods (Grays) to make war upon our intergalactic enemies.

Those who stay on Earth are destined to die, and suffer in misery, with the coming Apocalypse and End Times Scenarios. O:)


I don’t have a timeline on the exact dates, but we should see these occurrences within the next centuries, or perhaps even decades.

Also don’t forget the Second Coming of Jesus Christ our Lord thy God. O:)